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We all know Leonard Snart to be Captain Cold — the thieving criminal with a code. Played by Wentworth Miller on both The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow, the character eventually ceased his criminal activity on the shows (although was tempted by it multiple times) and became a hero, traveling through time with the rest of the Legends to stop Vandal Savage. However, Snart eventually gave his own life to stop his friend Mick Rory (Heat Wave) from doing the same thing. But with Barry altering the timeline over on The Flash, he may very well have erased those events and perhaps even saved Snart from ever sacrificing himself.

But could Barry's actions — and the upcoming Flashpoint storyline — affect Snart in a similar fashion to how they affected the character in the Flashpoint comics? Let's take a look at the comics and see if that could potentially suggest how Flashpoint could affect the character on TV.

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Captain Cold In DC Comics' Flashpoint

In the comics, Captain Cold is much like he originally was on The Flash, a thieving criminal with a cold gun. However, in the 2011 Flashpoint arc, we find ourselves in a completely altered timeline — the Flashpoint universe — thanks to Barry traveling back in time to save his mom. On the surface, Leonard Snart may look exactly the same in this timeline, however, it appears that he is quite different from his doppelganger: His name is Citizen Cold and he is considered a hero.

There is no Flash in this universe and Snart seemingly fills that void — a hero to the people. He even has his own museum, much like the iconic Flash Museum and, also much like the Flash, is drawn to Iris West. Despite his shockingly brutal methods — he isn't afraid to murder his opposition — the people still hold him in high esteem.

Clash of the Titans: Citizen Cold vs Mr. Freeze.
Clash of the Titans: Citizen Cold vs Mr. Freeze.

However, in the Flashpoint-based Citizen Cold comic book, we soon find out that he is only in the hero business for the recognition. In fact, after a cold hearted battle with Mr. Freeze, Citizen Cold murders Freeze, who was desperately trying to find a cure for his wife, Nora. He also later murders Wally West who discovers what Cold is really up to.

The character is constantly worried that his dark past will catch up to him and, unlike the normal timeline where he led the Rogues, he is assaulted by them for locking them up. The Rogues also kill his sister Lisa.

Snart's "heroic" reign of terror comes to an end when he confronted by Iris West and Pied Piper over the murder of Wally. Before he can kill Piper, he is frozen by Iris, who finally discovered his true nature. A cold end for the supposed hero.

So looking at the evidence, Flashpoint's Citizen Cold isn't really that different to his original iteration. He's money-hungry, cold-hearted and isn't afraid to go after what he wants.

Citizen Cold.
Citizen Cold.

What It Means For Captain Cold In Legends Of Tomorrow

But the question is: Could Wentworth Miller's version of Captain Cold become Citizen Cold if he is affected by The Flash's "Flashpoint" arc? Yes, Captain Cold may have changed his villainous ways thanks to Barry, but with the altered timeline, Barry and Snart may have never met and thus Snart could simply remain the cold hearted thief that is willing to kill. That in itself is already quite like the comics' Citizen Cold.

While the character may have died on Legends of Tomorrow, we know that Wentworth Miller did sign a brand new series regular contract with WB to be spread across both of Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, so his comeback is inevitable. How he returns is another story.

Would you like to see the Flashpoint version of Leonard Snart — Citizen Cold— appear on The Flash or another DC TV show? Let us know in the comments!


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