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If you weren't aware of the high profile romance between Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift by now, you must have been withering away under a rock for the past couple of weeks.

They've been canoodling on various rocks, walking arm-in-arm on wind-swept beaches and celebrating July 4th with wild abandon, all while remaining conveniently unaware of the slew of paparazzi cameras about them. Oh, and in case you missed it, they also took their love story straight to Instagram the other day just to make sure everyone was aware that they were boning:

And while many media sources have slammed the relationship as fake and staged, one thing that's very real is that the whirlwind appears to be making a mark on Tom Hiddleston's chances of donning that slick tux as the next James Bond. After all, as we much as we might love her, would we ever catch 007 wearing an "I love TS" t-shirt out in public? I think not.

Tom contemplating his life choices in 'High Rise'
Tom contemplating his life choices in 'High Rise'

Back in March, the actor was the front-runner for the role that Daniel Craig was so eager to cast away. Now though, many critics believe that his latest shenanigans with TayTay have put those aspirations to a prompt halt.

Apparently, the producer on the series, Barbara Broccoli (yes, really!), has narrowed the list of contenders for James Bond down to three and sadly, Tom is no longer one of them. Yep. there will be no shagging Bond girls for Hiddles this time round:

A source close to the producer, although not officially confirmed (as with all things celeb), has said the following:

“Tom was massively in the frame and had a meeting with Barbara. His profile was huge in the UK and on the up in the US but now it’s gone too far. Tom’s association with Taylor, and the way they have conducted their relationship in such a stage-managed way, is undignified for a man set to play Bond. Producers believe he has gone from zeitgeist to parody.”
Tom Hiddleston in BBC series 'The Night Manager'
Tom Hiddleston in BBC series 'The Night Manager'

Indeed, there has been a heavy onslaught of memes poking fun at the pair's "showmance" over the last few weeks, which is undoubtedly not doing the British actor any favors. As celebrity publicist Gary Farrow has rightly pointed out:

“I can’t imagine Bond flouncing around in an ‘I love TS’ vest. The way he’s been behaving is not cool and not what a serious, credible actor should do. Tom’s becoming a joke and surely he’s blown his chances. 007 is a major franchise – they cannot risk their reputation on someone who appears to be selling out quicker than you can say ‘shaken, not stirred’.”

Ouch, that can't be good!

Do you still think Tom Hiddleston stands a chance of becoming the next James Bond?

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