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Game of Thrones has consistently entertained us over the course of six seasons, but if there's one thing that makes us particularly grateful, it's that the show brought the world's attention to Jason Momoa, an absolute tower of a man whose muscles alone are more impressive than an entire army of the Dothraki.

As Momoa is basically a god in human form, it's only fitting that we pay worship to his greatness by looking back on all the times that Jason blew our minds with his superhero physique.

1. That time we first found Momoa's Instagram and realised that the world would never be the same again.

2. That time Momoa defied the laws of physics through his god-like physique.

3. That time Momoa made the world take notice of a good cause through the sheer power of his biceps.

4. That time we wished Jason held us as tightly as a rugby ball.

5. That time we all wished we had been born with the name 'Cheryl', regardless of gender.

6. That time when Jason's arms were almost overshadowed by the rest of his adorable family. Almost.

7. That time we realised that Momoa could genuinely lift mountains with those bad boys.

8. That time when Momoa's body couldn't be constrained through mere mortal clothes.

9. That time we couldn't stop staring at the view... and the ocean looked pretty nice too.

10. That time we were eternally grateful to Momma Momoa for giving birth to such a fine specimen of humanity.

11. That time when we overlooked the misogynist shirt and scary throwing knives, because, Momoa.

12. That time when Momoa became the only man in existence to wear a handlebar moustache and still look incredible.

Jason Momoa's next big role will be as the superhero Aquaman in Zack Snyder's upcoming Justice League movie, but if you need some more man candy in the meantime, check out Chris Pratt's sexiest moments here and 12 times that Chris Evans cap-tivated us through sheer hotness right here.

What's your favorite Jason Momoa role to date?


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