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So a while back I made a list of 8 Unique Mutant Powers, and people seemed to like it, so here is part two. However, this one will be a bit different, because this time I will be discussing the most useless, ridiculous, and idiotic. So prepare yourself to be shocked by these 6 heroes that will make you question what their comic creators even thought about.

All power and ability discerptions are directly from Marvel Universe Wiki which is an extremely useful site for Marvel characters, check it out!

1. Stacy X - Pheromone Control

More Like Stacy XXX
More Like Stacy XXX

Miranda leevald, A.K.A Stacy X, is an X-Men prostitute with amazing power to:

exude pheromones (through her snakelike scales instead of skin) which she could use to stimulate bodily functions, being able to cause nausea or extreme pleasure; vomiting and orgasms, or just slight adrenaline boosts, for instance.

Even though she is now depowered, she previously used her powers to boost her prostitution business, but eventually joined the X-Men and tried to find a way to give horny boys what they like.

Also, her relationship with the X-Men males is kind of disgusting, with her eventually leaving the X-Men, and giving Angel a videotape of her nude. Yeah, I know, why?!

2. Skin - Extra Skin

Who is This Dude?
Who is This Dude?

This is another hero that just made me ask myself what the writer was on while creating this character. Angelo Espinosa, A.K.A Skin, has the following bizarre power:

Skin's gray body possessed between 4-6 feet of extra skin that he could control to assist him in varying ways, such as to grapple opponents or swing on like a vine. When relaxed, Skin’s extra skin sagged, but by concentrating he could contract the extra skin.

So lets get this straight, this guy's mutant power is having too much skin? Now even thought it seems completely useless, and it mostly is, his skin did grant him:

a degree of resistance to physical injury, being highly resistant to punctures and tearing.

So I guess this power is useful since you can't get paper cuts, life must be wonderful.

3. Choir - Multiple Mouths

Now Which Mouth Do You Kiss?
Now Which Mouth Do You Kiss?

Irina Clayton, A.K.A Choir, has no profile on Marvel Universe Wiki, so I guess I will just explain this to you since it is really not complicated.

Choir's mutation caused her to developed extra mouths on her neck which have no particular use except talking many times all together. Well, unless you are an doing a one man play, this has particularly no use at all, lets not even start about how useless it is in X-Men combat.

4. Kylun - Impersonation

I Swear to God He Is a Thundercat
I Swear to God He Is a Thundercat

Colin McKay, A.K.A Kylun, has a fairly simple power, which is:

Kylun is a mutant who can precisely reproduce any sound he hears.

Now that is so great! The only reason this X-Men member is SOMEHOW useful is because he is an exceptionally skilled swordsman, who completely needs to ignore his mutant power in combat.

5. Beak - Bird Features

Who Wouldn't Want to Be a Bird?
Who Wouldn't Want to Be a Bird?

Another mutant who I am now happy is depowered, Barnell Bohusk, A.K.A Beak, has a mutation that turned him half bird, but sadly, he got all the bad parts.

Beak was a mutant whose bones were light and hollow. His arms had begun to grow feathers, which when fully formed, may have allowed him to fly. He could at the mean time glide and fly for short distances with great effort.

The key words here are "may have". So yeah, he did grow wings, but he isn't exactly able to fully fly. Furthermore, he has:

enhanced eyesight along with talons on his hands and feet.

The most shocking thing, however, is that he has 6 children. WOW. Busy man!

6. Bailey Hoskins - Blow Up. Once

No Caption Needed
No Caption Needed

This kid has been literally called the WORST X-Men. Ever. Bailey has the ability to blow up, which seems like a really cool power, until you realize that he can only do it once, since the explosion will blow him up. Now, with a trashy power and no fighting skills, Bailey was sent out with the X-Men to see when he can make himself useful.

So what did you think of my list? Who do you think has the most useless mutant power? Did I miss anyone? Leave a comment and check out my other posts on my profile and join to create your own!


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