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It is a new millennium and the parody franchise is all but dead. Airplane!, Spaceballs and even Austin Powers are all dated stereotypes of genres we were all bored of watching. Luckily, along came the Wayans brothers and chucked a whole load of bodily functions/household names at Wes Craven's Scream for 2000's Scary Movie. On paper it shouldn't work, but work it did, spawning sequels and becoming a $895 million franchise. Scary Movie was released on July 7, 2000, so let's run down the 10 best moments from the slapstick horror-com.

What Are You Waiting For

Anna Farris's lead character, Cindy Campbell, played the role of final girl with perfect naivety. As she breaks down with your typical horror movie hysteria, Cindy recited Jennifer Love Hewitt's iconic "What are you waiting for?" from I Know What You Did Last Summer. This just so happens to coincide with one teacher's rooftop suicide attempt with unintentionally funny consequences; he takes Cindy's rant as a taunt and also a cue to leap to his death. Splat!

Greg's Little Problem

As well as Scream, the other biggest parody in the film was following the storyline of I Know What You Did Last Summer. After the teens accidentally mow down an innocent bystander, the killer starts to target them. Instead of your standard 'I know' letter, Greg is left some blackmail of a 'smaller' variety. It looks like the macho head of the group has more than one secret!

Gail Swallows

Cheri Oteri's Gail Hailstorm certainly gave Courtney Cox's Gail Weathers a run for her money as super bitch. Forget the Blair Witch parody, Gail's relationship with Doofy 'Doofus' was a highlight of the film. Watching as a child, the 'Gail swallows' scene was a joke I 'thankfully' didn't get until a few years later.

Chillin', Killin'

With numerous drug/sex references, Scary Movie wasn't one to watch with the family. Marlon Wayans's dope-smoking afro-wearing Shorty provide light relief from the darker moments. Showing the slapstick side of the film once more, Scary Movie went and straight-up ripped off that infamous Budweiser commercial, leading us all to say "WASSSSSSSSUP" once more.

Bedroom Antics

There was always a question mark over the sexuality of Shawn Wayan's character of Ray. The joke wore a little thin by the time Scary Movie 2 came around, but here it fresh. Seeing a bewildered Brenda dressing in her boyfriend's football gear to disguise she is a lady made us all chuckle.

More Bedroom Antics

"What's my name Bobby? What's my name bitch!" It played out like The Exorcist as Booby *erm* enjoys himself and projectile fluids fly. There is no denying that the bedroom scene was gross-out comedy at its lowest form, but we didn't expect anything less. Proving once again why you shouldn't watch Scary Movie with the parents, Cindy's sex scene involved electric panties, chainsaws and a truck load of PVA glue (we guess).

Ms. Mann

"Have a seat, take off your bra". Reminiscent of the creepy homo-erotic nature of Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, it looks like Cindy's gym teacher Ms. Mann could be hiding a secret. Anyone for a game of dodgeball? A brief, but memorable cameo by American bodybuilder Jayne Trcka amped up the celeb status.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Whilst most of the boys from Scary Movie merely became background characters, the girls were front and centre. Shannon Elizabeth played the stereotypical cheerleader role who was never going to be long for this world. Just as Scream went all meta on the rules of a horror film, Scary Movie parodied the parody. Uppity Buffy snaps her own ankle and mocks the killer, before she gets her loud mouth well and truly ditched in the Lost & Found.

The Cat's Out The Bag

The Scream series prided itself on its unique ways of offing its characters, and Scary Movie was no different. Alongside Drew Barrymore's opening demise, the best death from Scream was Rose McGowan's cat-flap slicing. Watching a rather 'large' lady trying to escape the Ghostface killer through a tiny cat-flap in Scary Movie made us feel guilty, but laugh for all the wrong reasons.

Start Laughing

Carmen Electra played Scary Movie's Barrymore in an opening that was packed with more puns than you could throw a silicon breast at! From fart jokes to crossdressing, the start of Scary Movie set the tone for one hell of a weird ride! Opening sequences and dumb blondes became a mainstay of not only Scary Movie films, but also the Scream films. We lost track of how many films were inside other films, but Electra steals the show as the funniest.


Brenda, Brenda, Brenda, where do we start? Forget Anna Faris, Regina Hall could pretty much support the Scary Movie franchise on her own. There is no denying that the ultimate scene that we still remember from Scary Movie is Brenda at the theatre. With quotes like "shakey-spear" and "candid camera", Brenda at the movies was the Wayans brothers at their best! Jada Pinkett Smith's cinema scene from Scream 2 has nothing on Brenda, but who would win in a fight?

The jury is out on whether people preferred Scary Movie 1 or 2; after that, the Wayans departed and the franchise never really recovered. Now at an impressive five films, with a cast that introduced Charlie Sheen, Queen Latifah and even Leslie Nielsen, the laughter was replaced with more and more toilet humour. Thankfully Regina Hall stuck around for Scary Movie 3 & 4, but the loss of the Wayans was felt. By the time we got to Scary Movie 5, it just felt like a CV placement for Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. Marlon Wayans has since starred in rival franchise A Haunted House, but things will never be the same again! There is no news on whether a sixth Scary Movie is planned, but in a world of reboots and remakes, please God no. Even Brenda should remain in development hell for this one!

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