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The latest season of Game Of Thrones was filled with jaw-dropping scenes, satisfying deaths and epic comebacks. But it didn't answer the most burning question that has been heating up all the forums and YouTube channels.

Where Is Gendry?

Fans have been trying to speculate the status of Robert Baratheon's last living bastard since he escaped from The Dragonstone thanks to Davos. What happened to him after that has been a million dollar question. But for now, all we know is that he escaped from death by fire.

Davos helping Gendry escape
Davos helping Gendry escape

Everyone almost gave up on this character and presumed him either dead or serving a commoner's life somewhere. Although many tried to debate the fact that he has legitimate claim on the Iron Throne, none of that will matter once Daenerys enters King's Landing. So we can cross that out. But after watching Season 6, I have got a feeling that this guy could play a key role in wars to come. Let us list out the facts and use them to speculate in order:

1. His Claim On Dragonstone

Like I have said earlier, Gendry won't even consider competing for the throne as far as we know. That doesn't make him good for nothing. Let's not forget that Dragonstone is still there for him to claim. Now that Stannis is dead, the only Baratheon who can take lordship is none other than Gendry. Some of you may start wondering how that is possible. Now that Cersei is the queen, she obviously won't let him take it. So maybe, once Dany lands and takes the throne, Gendry might get the green light. But how will that help him support Jon Snow in the coming War For The Dawn?

2. Dragonstone Has Obsidian

In the episode "Kill The Boy" from Season 5, we see Stannis and Samwell discussing White Walkers and their weaknesses. Apart from Valyrian Steel, we all know that it is Dragonglass (a.k.a. Obsidian) according to the Maesters. When Samwell spoke about the obsidian, Stannis stopped him between and said:

"I know what it is. We have them at Dragonstone."

Now that's the point we need to focus on. Dragonstone has lots of dragonglass underneath it. That means if Gendry becomes the lord of Dragonstone, he might as well help Jon Snow in the war. But how? Here comes the third fact:

3. Gendry Is A Smith By Trade

We know that Gendry is a smith, and pretty good at it. It has been proven multiple times that he is good at what he does. When Ned met him in King's Landing, we saw the helmet he forged and the appreciation he received for it. Once Gendry gets the Dragonstone, he can use the obsidian over there and forge more weapons for fighting the White Walkers. Arya might just tell Jon Snow about Gendry if they meet and ask for his help. But does Gendry know how to forge a weapon with Dragonglass? Well, we might have an answer for that too.

4. Samwell In The Citadel

The epic expression Sam gave after looking at the scale of the Citadel library was worth watching. It felt that he was born for it. Already, fans have started theorizing that Samwell will be the key to defeating the White Walkers. And I totally agree with it. This guy has access to the entire library containing books on every damn thing a human being can think of: ravenry, astronomy, construction, poison, history, astrology, economics, warcraft, smithing, and medicine — to name a few. No doubt he will find a book on forging weapons with Dragonstone. And when he does, he just might be informed by Jon Snow about Gendry and these guys might just connect and start working on creating Dragonglass weapons.

So here's a quick question:


Do you Gendry will actually play a key role in defeating White Walkers?


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