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It's now approximately 27 days at the time of writing until Suicide Squad unleashes itself upon movie theaters nation wide. To get us all in the mood for the insanity that's coming our way by taking a closer look at one if the Squad's more ambiguous members; Enchantress.

Who Is Enchantress?

The Enchantress is a powerful sorceress who first appeared DC's Strange Adventures #187, all the way back in 1966. She is described as an antihero, a powerful witch who possesses June Moone, giving her the power to manipulate magic. She has the ability to heal, teleport and walk through walls, among many other talents making her a powerful foe. She is both good and evil, meaning she slots effortlessly into the moral ambiguity of Task Force X.

Who's Playing Enchantress In The Movie?

Enchantress is played by none other than model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne. While some may have been sceptical at first, it's fair to say director David Ayer thought she was right for the role after she performed a particularly messed up monologue for her audition.


New 52 Origin Story & Suicide Squad

As Cara mentioned above, Enchantress is two different people; "a mousey scientist and a crazy feral witch." This gives us insight into Enchantress's origin story within the movie. In the comics, June Moone is a freelance artist who is taken over by Enchantress at a costume party, leaving her with an opposing good and evil personality.

From the fleeting glimpses we have of her in the two trailers, it's unclear what the exact ins and outs of her movie origin are. She has definitely been possessed by a witch, as in mentioned, and there is a tiny clip from the trailer which shows June inhaling... something, while doing a spot of light spelunking. Perhaps like the Joker/Harley Quinn moments in the trailer, it seems as though aspects of the comic book origins may remain, but have been twisted to add a little intrigue to the plot.

Is She Even IN Task Force X?

Well, no one really knows. There have been many theories surrounding Enchantress's role in Suicide Squad, as hasn't been shown alongside the rest of Task Force X since the initial promotional material was released. It's highly rumored that she will take on the role of the central villain, as that little nugget this still a mystery.

In the comics, June has a difficult relationship with the Squad — after being recruited, she struggles to control both sides of her personality, leading to the Enchantress side of her being ripped out by a demon. June and Enchantress then disappeared for 11 years.

Will She Survive?

I hope that she does. Out of all the character's we have seen so far, the ladies of Suicide Squad intrigue me the most, and Enchantress's role is one of the biggest enigmas there is. Seeing Enchantress is an all-powerful, feral witch, it's unlikely that a pesky thing like death will be the end of her. June, however, may not be so lucky.


Do you think Enchantress is the main villain of Suicide Squad?

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