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This holiday weekend brought celeb-loving fans plenty of Instagram posts to drool over. Even though she wasn't present for Taylor Swift's annual star-studded 4th of July bash, Kaley Cuoco's post garnered just as much attention and stirred up even more controversy.

While the Big Bang Theory star was out of town, Cuoco left her pets in the care of a sitter. To thank the handler for keeping a keen eye on her canines, she posted the image of her patriotic pups to her Instagram.

The divisive image shows her three adorable dogs, each wearing American flag bandanas and sitting on an American flag on the ground. Take a look at the (now deleted) post for yourself:

There's no question that Americans love flaunting the red, white and blue every chance we get, but we also take flag etiquette pretty seriously. One of the cardinal rules of flag usage is that it should never touch the ground.

It's clear Cuoco didn't place the flag on the ground or take the photo herself, but the inappropriate use of the flag led to an all out war in Cuoco's comment section. While some followers defended Cuoco saying that it's an honest mistake, others claimed it was un-American and highly disrespectful.

Last night, Cuoco finally responded to criticisms over the post in a long, heartfelt apology:

While this whole flag fiasco is something that could have been easily avoided — the dos and don'ts of the American flag are fairly well-known and it's simple enough to do a quick internet search to answer any questions — I also agree with Cuoco's message in her apology.

Considering the level of visibility that comes with her career, Kaley Cuoco should be hypersensitive to the things she says and posts on the internet. However, Cuoco seems like a sweet, hard-working woman who clearly she wishes no ill-will towards her country.

In the end, she's only human and — like the rest of us — will occasionally make an error in judgement.

I think we can chalk this controversy up to a simple mistake that wasn't intended to offend anyone. Personally, I applaud Cuoco for admitting to her oversight and apologizing accordingly.


Do you accept Kaley Cuoco's apology?

Check out this scene of Kaley Cuoco as Penny in Big Bang Theory:

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