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The most talked-about film of the summer, Suicide Squad promises to be a hit! From that very first offbeat trailer, fans have been eagerly anticipating this film. But one of the most exciting parts of the film is the fact that we have the second appearance of Ben Affleck's Batman - a cameo that promises to be a highlight, if only because Affleck's performance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was so well-received! So what do we know about this cameo?


It makes sense for Batman to be involved with the Suicide Squad. After all, almost every member of Suicide Squad has been imprisoned after being captured by Batman, and it looks likely that we'll get flashbacks showing how some of them were captured. A year ago, footage leaked showing the Batmobile pursuing the Joker's vehicle. Warner Bros. had the footage removed, but details have continued to leak since; it looks as though the Joker will crash into the river, and Batman will rescue Harley Quinn. (The scene in the above TV spot is probably part of that extended flashback.)

In an interesting detail, the Batmobile in Suicide Squad seems to be lacking the deadly weapons we saw in Batman v Superman - compare and contrast the two Batmobiles below:

Just compare those Batmobiles!
Just compare those Batmobiles!

We know that Batman's brutality was a response to the feeling of powerlessness he experienced after the events of Man of Steel, so is it possible that Harley has been in prison for years, predating the events of Batman v Superman? Was the Joker believed to have died in this crash, explaining how he's survived Batman's brutal streak?

Batman News has added to the rumor mill, revealing two encounters between Batman and Deadshot (one in flashback form). Apparently Harley Quinn and Deadshot will be the only Squad members who cross paths with Batman, though.


Amanda Waller meets Batman!
Amanda Waller meets Batman!

Just a few days ago, rumors began to swirl that Batman hears about Amanda Waller's 'Suicide Squad', and isn't impressed. If these rumors are to be believed, Batman responds by breaking into Waller's office (in a maximum security prison) and confronting her. He warns that if things go south, he will hold her personally responsible.

If this rumor is accurate, then Batman may be a constant background presence in the film. After all, surely we'll get a nod to how he learns about the Suicide Squad? Is it possible that he'll see them up to tricks, investigate, and then respond like this? Or will he instead be keeping tabs on Suicide Squad through Katana, a superhero whose comic book career has included working alongside Batman? Oh, and what will Batman do if he learns that the Joker - who killed Jason Todd's Robin - is in town?

It's worth noting a comment from Heroic Hollywood:

"The film tested recently, they had test screenings, and according to sources, check this out, there is a lot more Batman in the movie than they are letting on."

If this is true, this could be a real treat for Batman fans!


Ben Affleck is SUPERB.
Ben Affleck is SUPERB.

There are persistent rumors that we won't just see Batman - we'll see Bruce Wayne too. There's been no official confirmation on this point - and no details have been leaked - so it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

From a thrilling car-chase to a possible confrontation with Amanda Waller, this movie looks set to cement Ben Affleck's Batman as a cornerstone of the DC Extended Universe. Warner Bros. know that they're on to a winner with this Dark Knight, and they have every intention of giving him the spotlight!

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Bring on the Squad!
Bring on the Squad!

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