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For the past eight years cast has made us laugh, and from time to time has brought tears to our eyes with beautifully written episodes and clever jokes. Throughout the sevens seasons of Modern Family, the actors and their respective characters have gone through a lot, and some of them have undergone big transformations since the first season. Check out the show's intro below to get ready!

While the 6 adults from the show have changed gradually, the kids have undergone the most drastic changes. But even with change, we still love the characters. Here's a look at how much each character has changed over the seasons:

The Modern Family Cast Adults:

Jay Pritchett

Played by: Ed O'Neill

Jay Pritchett has changed the most among all the adults on the show. Ed O'Neill was in his early 60s when the show first started and now he's 70 years old. It's pretty obvious he'd be the one to change most. However, make no mistake, age is just a number for Ed O'Neill — he's by far the coolest actor on Modern Family.

Gloria Pritchett

Played by: Sofía Vergara

Gloria Pritchett hasn't changed much. She's just as beautiful in Season 7 as she was in Season 1. Also, after spending seven years with the Pritchetts and Dunphys, her accent is surprisingly still the same. The only major change that Gloria sustained over the years was in hair color, when the actress who plays her, Sofía Vergara, transformed from brunette to blonde.

Phil Dunphy

Played by: Ty Burrell

Now that we are done with Jay and Gloria Pritchett, it's time for — Phil Dunphy, yo!

Phil Dunphy's hairstyle has changed just a smidge each season. Apart from that, nothing has changed that much. Phil still looks a lot like he did back in the first season. Also, he's still as funny as he was back then.

Claire Dunphy

Played by: Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen's character on Modern Family, Claire Dunphy was a housewife until recently, after she joined her father's (Jay Pritchett) company, Pritchett's Closets & Blinds and eventually took over after Jay decided to retire. Going from being a housewife and mother of three children to a working woman was no mean feat, and this transformation can be seen in her change of appearance throughout the seasons.

Mitchell Pritchett

Played by: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson's character on Modern Family, Mitchell Pritchett, looked a lot younger back in Season 1. Mitchell has pretty much looked the same since, apart from some slight changes in hairstyle.

Cameron Tucker

Played by: Eric Stonestreet

Cameron Tucker hasn't changed much over the seven seasons of Modern Family. The only thing that has changed is that with each passing season, his hair has turned a bit grayer.

The Modern Family Kids:

Hayley Dunphy

Played by: Sarah Hyland

All of the kids from Modern Family look nothing like what they did in Season 1. Sarah Hyland's Hayley Dunphy was a young girl in her late teens when Modern Family first aired. But she has grown up to become a strong and independent woman since. Hayley looks very different from how she did in the earlier seasons. The most notable of her changes is her hair.

Alex Dunphy

Played by: Ariel Winter

Now that we're done with the eldest one of the kids, Sarah Hyland, it could only mean one thing: (Ariel) Winter is coming! The middle child of the Dunphy family, Alex was only a child when the show first aired and now she's off to college. Alex looks totally different now from how she looked during the first couple of seasons, wouldn't you agree?

Luke Dunphy

Played by: Nolan Gould

Like his sister Alex, Luke was also just a child when Modern Family first aired. Luke is the character that has changed the most among all of them. When I first started watching Modern Family, I saw an episode of the sixth season after watching the entire first season. I could recognize almost all of them. However, when I saw Nolan Gould, I was like, "Who's this guy?" and after learning that it was Luke, I assumed that they had probably recast the role.

Manny Delgado

Played by: Rico Rodriguez

Every sitcom has a womanizer. Friends had Joey Tribbiani and How I Met Your Mother had Barney Stinson. Modern Family's womanizer came in the form of a kid, about the same age as Luke Dunphy. Manny Delgado, the kid who behaved like a grown-up man, was fun to watch for viewers. But then he grew up and still behaved like a grown-up and it wasn't fun anymore *Sigh!*. Just like Luke, Manny has become a bit taller than he used to be. Apart from that, he hasn't changed that much.

Lily Tucker-Pritchett

Played by: Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, Jaden Hiller, Ella Hiller

Lily was just a baby when the show first started. And now, she's just as old as Modern Family. She was played by the Hiller twins for the first two seasons. And then the role was recast and Aubrey Anderon-Emmons has been playing the part ever since. We didn't see much of Ella and Jaden, but we did see Aubrey join the third season as a 3-year-old, and now she's 7.

Joe Pritchett

Played by: Pierce Wallace, Jeremy Maguire

Like Lily, Joe Pritchett has been played by different actors. From the fourth season to the sixth season, Jay and Gloria's son Joe was played by Pierce Wallace. They recast Joe for the Season 7 and now Jeremy Maguire is the new Joe. With each passing season, Joe has become cuter and cuter.

The Modern Family cast of is currently on hiatus after completing the seventh season. Modern Family will return with its eighth season on September 21st, 2016y


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