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Crazy clowns, Australian boomerang throwers and a woman who looks like she just emerged from The Ring- in just a few weeks, DC's hotly anticipated Suicide Squad will finally hit the big screen! Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past year and have yet to get excited about this movie, here's the trailer:

A team comprised of inmates from Belle Reve prison (specifically designed to house super villains), the suicide squad were assembled to do the government's dirty work. The team are sent out on potentially deadly and covert missions in exchange for a carte blanche to cause some mayhem. The catch? Apart from being sent on suicide missions, they have explosives attached to their necks, so if they ever try to escape they'll go BOOM! So, in a world rich with famous supervillains, who's who in the Suicide Squad? Check them out on this mad list below, which tells us all we know from the comics and teasers about what we can expect from these supervillains:

Rick Flag

  • Name: Rick Flag
  • Actor: Joel Kinnaman
  • Powers: Combat training
  • Facts: In the comics, the origins of Rick Flag are still shrouded in conflicting mystery. His father was the leader of the 1940s Suicide Squadron. Decades later Rick followed in his footsteps and was enlisted as the leader of multiple suicide squads, including the one put together by Weller. Equipped with an arsenal of skills and an expert in hand-to-hand combat, he's the best-equipped person to handle the suicide squad and maybe, just maybe, get them out alive.

Harley Quinn

  • Name: Harley Quin
  • Alter Ego: Harleen Quinzel
  • Actress: Margot Robbie
  • Power: Intelligence, superhuman agility and enhanced strength.
  • Evil Facts: Once a promising psychiatrist, Harleen Quinzel got a taste of madness when she first met the formidable Joker at Arkham Asylum. Where others may have shuddered at the man's warped mind, Harleen became obsessed. After crafty manipulation Harleen too became engulfed in the madness, having fallen in love with the mad man. Thus Harley Quinn was born, having devoted her life in aiding the Joker in his bloody crusade of madness.


  • Name: Deadshot
  • Alter Ego: Floyd Lawton
  • Actor: Will Smith
  • Powers: Trained in combat and an unrivalled marksman
  • Evil Facts: A trained assassin, Deadshot follows a simple rule: do the job as swiftly as possible and with minimal casualties. After all he isn't being paid to waste bullets. In the Suicide Squad, Deadshot may sometimes take on the role of leader, determined to get the job done, even if it means his demise. His one wish in life is to die a spectacular and legendary death; however the reason for this is yet unknown. He also has a daughter who may be playing a bigger role in the upcoming film than anyone could ever imagine.

Captain Boomerang

  • Name: Captain Boomerang
  • Alter Ego: George "Digger" Harkness
  • Actor: Jai Courtney
  • Powers: Skilled with a boomerang
  • Evil Facts: And adversary of the Flash, this Australian villain is a member of both the Rogues and the Suicide Squad. Although some may believe him to be more of a comical character, his skill with a boomerang has proven deadly. Although his strategies may be considered straightforward, his selfishness and over-confidence have allowed him to survive this long.

El Diablo

  • Name: El Diablo
  • Alter Ego: Chato Santana
  • Actor: Jay Hernandez
  • Powers: Control over fire.
  • Evil Facts: An ex-criminal, El Diablo has an mysterious control over fire. Although much of his origin is still a mystery, we do know Chato turned himself over to the police after he set a fire which killed innocent women and children. It was only through torture that he eventually joined the Suicide Squad.


  • Name: Enchantress
  • Alter Ego: June Moone
  • Actress: Cara Delevingne
  • Power: Magic
  • Evil Facts: Having fought for both good and evil, Enchantress will be taking on a much darker character in Suicide Squad. Enchantress is actually a second personality trapped within June, who is constantly attempting escape and take control of her body. It is only when this dark spirit takes control that June becomes the evil magic weilder, Enchantress.


  • Name: Katana
  • Alter Ego: Tatsu Yamashiro
  • Actress: Karen Fukuhara
  • Powers: Master swordsman, supernatural intelligence and expert martial artist
  • Evil Facts: With the souls of her husband and countless others empowering her sword, Soultaker, Katana is a vigilante who fights in the name of justice. Katana's aim is to free the souls trapped in her sword in the hopes of finally freeing her husband's spirit so that he may finally find peace.


  • Name: Slipknot
  • Alter Ego: Christopher Weiss
  • Actor: Adam Beach
  • Powers: Weaponry and master use of rope (more impressive than it sounds)
  • Evil Facts: Once an employee at a chemical company, his ropes are coated in a strong adhesive which makes them near unbreakable. It was when he failed to murder Firestorm that Slipknot found himself in prison. Skilled in the deadly use of rope, his specialities include maiming, injuring and hanging. It seems that the Suicide Squad could be just the place for him.

Killer Croc

  • Name: Killer Croc
  • Alter Ego: Waylon Jones
  • Actor: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
  • Powers: A whole lot of bad
  • Evil Facts: Another enemy of Batman's, Killer Croc was was born with a reptilian appearance as well as possessing superhuman strength, reflexes and healing- thus giving Bats a real run for his money. With hardened shield-like scales and razor sharp talons, you really wouldn't want to meet Killer Croc in a dark alleyway.

From vigilantes to paid assassins to just plain crazy people, that's who's who in the Suicide Squad! Although much of their stories are still unknown fans must eagerly await the release of Suicide Squad next August, a film that, I bet, will be insane- literally.


Who will survive the Suicide Squad?


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