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The new seasons of CW's superhero universe like The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl are still months away and fans are aching for their return. One of the more exciting elements that we're waiting to see play out is the adaptation of DC Comics' Flashpoint. Many characters will undergo massive changes and we're all very excited to see the awesomeness unfold.

One character that could possibly undergo major changes is the fan-favorite mercenary Deathstroke. Deathstroke was the main antagonist in the second season of Arrow, which I would consider the best of the four seasons. We don't really know if Slade Wilson will be making a return, but we have the comic books to look back on to help us speculate.

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Deathstroke In DC Comics' Flashpoint

Some characters were affected more than others by Flashpoint. It's safe to say Deathstroke went through a fair share of changes considering he was the leader of a group of pirates. He and his pirates search the flooded remains of Europe looking for riches while also trying to locate Deathstroke's daughter Rose who had been captured. The pirates endured on many adventures in Flashpoint: Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager, a 3 issue series.

Deathstroke and his crew were attacked by Aquaman. During the battle, Deathstroke almost died when he stabbed by Aquaman in the chest with his trident but was saved by Sonar — who formed the group. Deathstroke — with help from Jenny Blitz — found the pirate crew who captured Deathstroke's daughter. A huge battle unleashes and it ended when Deathstroke threw a grenade at the other pirate crew's ship and saved Rose.

Obviously, if we even see Deathstroke post-"Flashpoint," the show will follow little of what the comics did with his character. I think the changes in the show post-"Flashpoint" will be a lot less dramatic than the comics. For example, Europe will not be flooded and there definitely won't be pirates sailing around.

What It Means For Deathstroke In Arrow

It is pretty clear the CW won't follow much of the source material behind Flashpoint Deathstroke as it certainly wouldn't fit within the context of the shows. You have to remember that the Deathstroke character on Arrow is very different from the Deathstroke character in the comics. Given all of this, I still don't think the show would completely abandon the source material. The basis of Flashpoint Deathstroke's character is that he is a pirate and the closest thing on the CW we have seen to pirates are, well, time pirates.

On Legends of Tomorrow, there was an episode titled "Marooned" where a group of time pirates attacked the Legends crew in an attempt to take over the Wave Rider. Space pirates are a group of skilled mercenaries that hop through time. It sounds perfect for Deathstroke!

Making Deathstroke a time pirate would be one of the coolest things to do with one of the best villains in the whole Arrow-verse. While it is unclear whether Legends of Tomorrow will be affected by The Flash's "Flashpoint," it definitely should be considering it is a time travel show and Flashpoint deals with alternate timelines. Legends of Tomorrow will probably have the task of cleaning up what the Flash did and will play a big factor in fixing the timeline — perhaps in the epic crossover the network has planned.

It wouldn't be Deathstroke's first time on "Legends."
It wouldn't be Deathstroke's first time on "Legends."

During Legends of Tomorrow or the epic four-night crossover our heroes could run into "Deathstroke the Ravager" and his time pirate gang. It would be a nice nod to the comics while introducing Deathstroke in the "Flashpoint" timeline in a great way. Slade Wilson could have made it off of Lian Yu and have been picked up by time pirates who saw him as a skillful assassin they could use in their gang. Eventually, he would rise up the ranks and become the leader. This is not a crazy theory as it actually seems like something Legends of Tomorrow — or any of the other shows —would do.

What do you guys think? Is having Deathstroke as a time pirate the best way to showcase him in the "Flashpoint" timeline? What other way could he be incorporated into "Flashpoint"? Tell me below!


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