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With the Exciting Release of The Killing Joke Animated Movie Approaching, One Fan Youtuber Decided to Magically Redraw The Trailer... create a more realistic and magically colorful rendition of the original graphic novel produced by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland — the results are awe-inspiring! Youtuber Plan Making Mammals managed to recreate the trailer for The Killing Joke in a style which is more suited to the film.

First off, here's the original trailer...

...and here is the comparison video:

The Killing Joke

Anyone who is a Batman fan (or indeed a Joker fan) must have read this fantastic graphic novel — I know it's one of my favorites! The story unravels Joker's mysterious past as a failed comedian searching for a way to make money. When he mixes with the wrong crowd, Joker is forced to become the "Red Hood," wearing the iconic red bullet-shaped helmet while on a mission. This is when things go array and the Joker is born! This thrilling story, combined with a startling rawness, is one reason why DC has earned the title of "dark" and "gloomy" superhero depictions.

The Killing Joke Redrawn

Here is the redrawn edition by Plan Making Mammals in all its splendid glory:

As you can see, they did a fantastic job with portraying the animated trailer in the way that best represents the colorful art style initially used in the Bolland and Moore graphic novel. I simply cannot wait for the release of the animated movie, it's only going to be released in cinemas for one night, so make sure you book a ticket!

The Animated Movie

Voicing Batman is the legendary Kevin Conroy, and of course who better to voice The Joker than Mark Hamill himself? This casting choice is golden and sets up great hype for the upcoming animated movie. Warner Home Video will host the world premiere of The Killing Joke during the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. The film will be released in cinemas for one night only on the July 25, 2016; it'll be released digitally on July 26, 2016 and released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 2, 2016. I don't know about you, but I'm so excited!

The Joker in 'The Killing Joke'
The Joker in 'The Killing Joke'

Are you going to see The Killing Joke in cinemas?


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