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The Best Comics Of The Worst Heroes

The Suicide Squad comics have been around for quite some time. What started off as a squad of highly trained military personnel in the late 1950s was eventually revamped to a team of super villains in the 1980s. Over the last 30 years, DC Comics has has given us some thrilling Suicide Squad comics. New faces are always joining and (in some cases) dying, which does a good job at keeping the stories fresh. To get a better understanding of the team, here are five must-read Suicide Squad comics (in chronological order.)

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5. Trial By Fire

Year: 1987
Collecting Issues: Suicide Squad 1–8 and Secret Origins #14

Story: The Suicide Squad is assembled as Task Force X by Amanda Waller with the help of the President. This arc follows the squad’s first few missions together as a team featuring: Rick Flag Jr, Deadshot, Boomerang, Bronze Tiger and Enchantress, among others. In this story the squad is pinned against such villains as the Jihad and the People’s Heroes of Russia.

4. The Nightshade Oddyssey

Year: 1988
Collecting Issues: Suicide Squad #9–16, Justice League International #13, and Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad #1.

Story: Batman and the Justice League learn of the Suicide Squad’s existence. The teams face off against each other in an epic battle. The Nightshade Odyssey also sees the squad go toe-to-toe with the Doom Patrol. The team learns secrets about each other’s past as Nightshade searchers for her missing brother.

3. Batman Adventures: Mad Love

Year: 1994
Collecting Issues: Batman Adventures Annual #1–2, Batman Adventures Holiday Special, Adventures in the DC Universe #3 and Batman Black and White #1.

Story: This story covers the origin of fan favorite Harley Quinn. Most people already know Harley transitioned over to the comics after being first seen in Batman: The Animated Series. The artwork of Batman Adventures: Mad Love even resembles the artwork of the show. The story focuses on Harley’s transformation from the Joker’s psychiatrist to his right-hand woman. A must-read for any Harley Quinn fan (also, the cover appears to have Harley flatulently sending love notes over to The Joker, which I found hilarious.)

2. From The Ashes

Year: 2008
Collecting Issues: Suicide Squad Raise the Flag 1–8

Story: [Spoiler alert!] After Rick Flag Jr. was thought dead in a nuclear blast, the squad’s leader finally makes his return (or does he?) This leads to a new version of the team assembled “from the ashes” (get it?) The team doesn’t get along well, consequently fighting with each other. There are many deaths this time around and those lucky to survive come back beaten and torn.

1. Kicked In The Teeth

Year: 2012
Collecting Issues: New 52 Suicide Squad #1–7

Story: The New 52’s version of the Suicide Squad adds fan favorites like Harley Quinn and King Shark to the team. When we first see the squad, they are being interrogated about their newest mission. New 52 supplies a good variety of characters in addition to fun, explosive storytelling. As always, Amanda Waller returns (and lookin’ good) this time to lead the team into battle.

So there you have it! If you are looking to start reading Suicide Squad comics, make sure you pick up these stories.

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