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Over the past two years, we have gotten to know Mick Rory very well — the man who loves setting things on fire even more than robbing banks. Played by Dominic Purcell on both The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow, Heat Wave has shockingly turned over a new leaf since he became a crew member of the Waverider.

After losing his only true friend in Captain Cold, it will be interesting to see how Rory progresses through Season 2. However, there is a wild card that must be taken into account — over on The Flash, Barry Allen traveled back in time to save his mother and thus, altered the timeline, setting the Flashpoint storyline in motion.

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Heat Wave: Dominic Purcell as Rory.
Heat Wave: Dominic Purcell as Rory.

Could Flashpoint have a major effect Heat Wave? One thing that could help us figure that out is the source — the comic books. Let's take a look back at the Flashpoint comics to see exactly how this storyline affected the character within the pages of DC Comics.

Heat Wave In DC Comics' Flashpoint

Much like his original timeline counterpart, Flashpoint's Heat Wave is obsessed with fire, so much so that he kills Jason Rusch in order to take his place as one half of Firestorm. Yes, his hunger for flames led to his desire to actually become fire.

"Flashpoint": Heat Wave attacks Firestorm.
"Flashpoint": Heat Wave attacks Firestorm.

Unlike the Arrow-verse version and the original timeline's Mick Rory — who kept trying to cease his criminal ways and became good friends with Barry Allen — Flashpoint's Heat Wave does not give up his villainous traits. Despite his plan to become Firestorm failing and his apprehension by Cyborg, Heat Wave was not done causing trouble. You would think that the criminal's apprehension would mark the end of the story. Not in Flashpoint.

Once he is imprisoned in the Doom prison, it wasn't long before another villain — Plastic Man — attempted to break him out. Rory overtook the Doom prison and attempted to destroy the city of Detroit with it. However, Cyborg foiled him once again. The interesting thing is that Heat Wave actually betrayed Plastic Man and is suspected to have killed him with this flamethrower. However, once Rory is imprisoned at Belle Reeve, Plastic Man is revealed to be alive and gets revenge on Rory, using the same trick he used to break him out — hiding in someone else's body.

So all in all, in our main continuity, Heat Wave may not be very likable. But he does try to change his ways. However, the Flashpoint iteration of the character isn't afraid to take out anyone in his path, even if their willing to help him — using his flamethrower to do the job.

Flashpoint: Heat Wave Attacks Firestorm (via DC Comics).
Flashpoint: Heat Wave Attacks Firestorm (via DC Comics).

What It Means For Heat Wave In Legends Of Tomorrow

Now that we know how Flashpoint affected Mick Rory, the question is this: Will we see Dominic Purcell's Heat Wave becoming even more antagonistic than he started out? Rory was originally sadistic and flame-obsessed, very much like his Flashpoint counterpart. However, in Legends Of Tomorrow, he underwent a significant amount of character development. He learned how to be a hero and perhaps even more importantly, how to be a friend. His priorities shifted significantly and Dominic Purcell did an amazing job bringing the character to life.

I am not sure if we will see Heat Wave go "Rogue" again. He already started out much like his Flashpoint self before giving heroics a try in Legends of Tomorrow. And let's not forget his stint as Chronos, when he hunted down his teammates and very nearly killed them all. Mick Rory has been through a lot of major events this season, and none more significant than losing his friend Captain Cold. Could this have an effect on him? Or will Flashpoint completely undo Snart's death and make the Rogues even more villainous than before? One thing is for sure: The Heat is on!

Are you excited to see how Flashpoint will affect Heat Wave? Or do you hope he remains the same? Let us know in the comments!


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