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British sitcoms are often renowned for their crude humor and foul language — which are great features, but sometimes a little off-putting — so you can imagine my surprise last year when I accidentally stumbled upon the BBC sitcom Boy Meets Girl. Unlike anything I'd ever watched before, the show immediately drew me in with its variety of wonderfully written characters, relatable humor and most importantly, its warmth. Check out the trailer below:

Boy Meets Girl returned this week for its second season and despite being just one episode in, the magic is still there. If you're new to the show, then allow me to highlight why you should be watching BBC's Boy Meets Girl.

Not Your Average Sitcom

Leo and Judy in "Boy Meets Girl."
Leo and Judy in "Boy Meets Girl."

Boy Meets Girl is not your standard apartment-centric sitcom. In fact, it's an entirely different scenario altogether. The series follows Leo — a young, unemployed typical lad who's not having much luck in life. That is, until he bumps into Judy — an older woman who lives with her mother and sister. They hit it off really well and go out on a date. Leo's convinced that he's found The One but Judy's worried that Leo will run once he knows the truth: She's transgender. Does he? No — Leo's totally cool with it. Filled with poignant moments and strong performances from its entire cast, Boy Meets Girl stands out among the crowd.

Despite being a sitcom, Boy Meets Girl is a love story at its core and a really good one at that. It manages to be different while still being relatable. It's hilarious, like any other good sitcom, but what makes it different is that has heart — not a word often used when describing comedy shows, but it's more than appropriate here.

One of the most important things about Boy Meets Girl is that the storyline manages to move forward with every episode — it's not your usual plot-of-the-week format that most sitcoms tend to use as a template. An episode of Boy Meets Girl may focus on an event or it may just be the next step in the characters' lives. The story is equally as important as the humor and that's not something that happens often with comedy series.

The Cast And Their Characters

The cast of "Boy Meets Girl."
The cast of "Boy Meets Girl."

One thing that really stuck out for me when watching Boy Meets Girl is how compelling the characters are. Every character on the show is entertaining and completely relatable. Both lead characters, Leo and Judy, are full of depth and by the end of the first episode I felt like I knew them both personally. Other characters, such as Pam McDonald — Leo's mother — are outright hilarious. Similarly, Pam's other son James is equally funny — watch out for his Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions in the first season.

The entire cast of Boy Meets Girl is brilliant. Rebecca Root is immensely talented and makes me wonder why I've not seen her before, Harry Hepple plays Judy's boyfriend, Leo, wonderfully and who could forget Denise Welch's Pam? Welch's performance in the first season finale is nothing short of award worthy. Janine Duvitski is a riot as Peggy — she's often responsible for the funniest parts of the show.

Amazon's Transparent has received critical acclaim for its portrayal of transgender characters, but Boy Meets Girl deserves equal applause — the character of Judy is extremely well written. While it's made clear at the beginning of the series that she is transgender, the series focuses on so many more aspects of her than just this — she's smart, confident and rather fearless. Rebecca Root is wonderful in the role.

"Boy Meets Girl" — a modern yet timeless love story
"Boy Meets Girl" — a modern yet timeless love story

I thoroughly look forward to watching the next batch of episodes of Boy Meets Girl. Let's hope BBC renews it for another season because with writing this good and actors of this standard, Boy Meets Girl has the potential to stick around for years to come.

Are you watching Boy Meets Girl? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.


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