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Over the past year, Vixen has become a prominent member of the CW's Arrow-verse. Starring in her own animated web series Vixen — voiced by Megalyn Echikunwoke — the character has become a much loved part of said universe. But perhaps her most badass moment yet was when Echikunwoke would reprise her role as Mari McCabe/Vixen — this time in live action — in a guest appearance on Arrow's fourth season.

However, it was recently reported that Vixen would be joining the second season of Legends Of Tomorrow as a series regular. However, as Echikunwoke had previous commitments, it will not be the same Vixen appearing. Instead we will be introduced to Amaya Jiwe — Mari's grandmother and previous Vixen.

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Echikunwoke as Vixen on 'Arrow' Season 4.
Echikunwoke as Vixen on 'Arrow' Season 4.

With all of these Vixens running around, it begs the question: Will the recent Flashpoint events on The Flash have any effect on the character? When Barry traveled back in time to save his mother from the Reverse-Flash, did he send ripples through the timeline that even Vixen would feel? In order to analyze if this could really happen, let's take a look at the Flashpoint comics and see how Barry Allen's actions impacted Vixen.

Vixen In DC Comics' Flashpoint

In the Flashpoint arc when The Flash traveled back in time to save his mother's life, he initiated a chain reaction that would alter the timeline, undoing many things and creating others. It had a major effect on most characters in the universe.

While we don't see or hear very much about the Flashpoint iteration of Vixen, we do know that she is one of Wonder Woman's "Furies" in the war against Aquaman. She makes some appearances throughout, seen standing alongside other powerful female characters. However, that was not the only time her presence was felt in Flashpoint.

Vixen as a Fury in "Flashpoint."
Vixen as a Fury in "Flashpoint."

Mari McCabe also happened to be a former lover of Oliver Queen. The ultimate twist came when we found out that Mari had fallen pregnant with Oliver's child all those years ago and gave birth to a daughter.

In an unusual twist, much like you'd expect from the Flashpoint timeline, Oliver's daughter hunts her father down and attempts to kill him. However, she is ultimately killed by his security team.

Vixen's Daughter targets Oliver Queen.
Vixen's Daughter targets Oliver Queen.

What is ironic about this storyline is that it was the kidnapping of Oliver Queen's child on Arrow that heralded the debut of Vixen on the series. She would ultimately help the Green Arrow, Black Canary, Speedy and Spartan track down Oliver's son William before destroying Damien Darhk's source of power.

What It Means For Vixen In Legends Of Tomorrow

It's unlikely that the same Flashpoint comics storyline would affect the Arrow-verse iteration of the character — not only because of the previous Arrow storyline being vaguely similar — because it won't be the Mari McCabe Vixen on screen at the time. Of course, a similar storyline could happen with the Amaya Jiwe iteration over on Legends Of Tomorrow.

Furthermore, let's not forget that Mari McCabe will still be kicking animated ass when Vixen returns for its second season. Thus, we have to ask: Could Flashpoint affect Vixen as well?

Animated awesomeness: "Vixen."
Animated awesomeness: "Vixen."

Vixen is one character that we would all love to see appear more often. With a new version of her becoming a regular on Legends Of Tomorrow and the animated series Vixen returning, we can expect to see a lot more badass magic. However, will the events of Flashpoint impact the characters? And if so, how?

Check out Vixen meeting Team Arrow:

Do you think Vixen will be affected by Flashpoint? Are you excited to see a new incarnation on Legends Of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!


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