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DC Comics' Flashpoint is happening on TV — this is not a drill! At the end of the season finale of The Flash, Barry Allen saved his mother. In doing so, he changed reality as he knew it. While it is not confirmed whether the Season 3 episode "Flashpoint" will affect the other CW shows like Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, or Supergirl, it is definitely affecting The Flash. The beginning of Season 3 will be Barry returning to the present and realizing all that he has changed.

We will get to see all the characters on The Flash drastically different due to Barry saving his mother. Barry will realize he has to go back and fix the timeline after seeing the disastrous changes to the people he loved. Considering Iris West is Barry's love interest, seeing the way she changed due to his selfish reasons will have the biggest impact on Barry — especially if she changes in a negative way.

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Iris West In DC Comics' Flashpoint

Iris West and Citizen Cold.
Iris West and Citizen Cold.

In the comics, some characters like Deathstroke went through massive changes post-Flashpoint. However, Iris West more or less retained her usual qualities. She was still a television reporter for the Central City Citizen along with her nephew and cameraman Wally West. She was in a relationship with a man named John instead of Barry and had an interesting arc as a main character in the Flashpoint: Citizen Cold series, which went on for three issues. That's right — Captain Cold was the hero of Central City.

Iris West would follow Citizen Cold and his battles with Mr. Freeze. They went out to dinner and Iris kept trying to get an interview with him. Citizen Cold and Iris became closer as the story progressed, but she eventually found out from Pied Piper that Citizen Cold is no hero, but instead a criminal that murdered Wally. Citizen Cold attacked Pied Piper but gets — rather ironically — frozen in a block of ice by Iris using one of his own weapons against him.

What It Means For Iris West In The Flash

Iris West meets the Flash.
Iris West meets the Flash.

Obviously, "Flashpoint" on The Flash will be very different than it was in the comics. The show never really follows the comic storylines but instead mixes and matches them to make something original. However, the show could use the Flashpoint Iris from the comics as her characteristics still fit in the context of the show.

Barry could go back to the present to see Iris with another guy — possibly a never-killed Eddie — and instead of her working for a paper or writing a blog, she could be a TV reporter like in the Flashpoint comics. There is a good chance that the show will include Citizen Cold, because it's an obvious way to bring Wentworth Miller back on screen. It would make sense that Iris would show a lot of interest in Citizen Cold as she does in the comics considering how much investigated the Flash when she was writing about the "Red Streak." So not only would it be a big nod to the comics, but it'd fit within the show and what they could do with their own "Flashpoint."

What do you guys think? How will the show handle Flashpoint Iris? Tell me below!


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