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The idea behind film critics is a little weird once you think about it: They are people who are paid money to watch movies and tell you if you should see them yourselves or not. That's a little strange because people's taste movies could be a lot like anything else — subjective. What you like in a movie might not be what someone else likes in a movie. That might be why we enjoy film critics today, because we simply enjoy talking about movies — the acting, the story, the visuals and so much more.

Statler & Waldorf were tough critics / 'The Muppets'
Statler & Waldorf were tough critics / 'The Muppets'

However, some critics are more liked and respected than others. One certain critic has become popular as he has recently been given the moniker "The Worst Film Critic Ever." That man is Armond White from National Review, Out and Rotten Tomatoes. Why has he been given such a negative nickname from the movie-going community? Well, it could be his "provocative and idiosyncratic film criticism," especially towards critically-appraised films.

Here are just some of his views on films that were praised by critics and audiences alike:


Critic Score: 92%

Audience Score: 88%

It takes a nincompoop like Howard to imagine depth in this silliness.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows — Part 2

Critic Score: 96%

Audience Score: 89%

Now that the Harry Potter series is over, maybe the truth can be realized: This has been the dullest franchise in the history of movie franchises.


Critic Score: 77%

Audience Score: 76%

It's still inconceivable that people could look at the shabby 'Iron Man 1' and gaudy 'Iron Man 2' and be satisfied. The latest addition to that Marvel studios franchise is 'Thor,' and it, too, suffers from filmmaking without wit.

The Dark Knight

Critic Score: 94%

Audience Score: 94%

The generation of consumers who swallow this pessimistic sentiment can't see past the product to its debased morality. Instead, their excitement about 'The Dark Knight's dread (that teenage thrall with subversion) inspires their fealty to product


Critic Score: 86%

Audience Score: 91%

Like 'Grand Theft Auto's quasi-cinematic extension of noir and action-flick plots, 'Inception' manipulates the digital audience's delectation for relentless subterfuge

Gran Torino

Critic Score: 79%

Audience Score: 90%

This is pitiful, nostalgic fun for 'Dirty Harry' fanatics. Yet it lacks the political edge that made the Dirty Harry movies provocative.

The Incredible Hulk

Critic Score: 67%

Audience Score: 71%

It's the crappy summer blockbuster Marvelites probably deserve.

Toy Story 3

Critic Score: 99%

Audience Score: 89%

'Toy Story 3' is so besotted with brand names and product-placement that it stops being about the innocent pleasures of imagination — the usefulness of toys — and strictly celebrates consumerism.

Yep, he gave negative reviews to films like The Dark Knight and Toy Story 3. So, you might be thinking to yourself, "Well, he's obviously harder to impress than the usual critic out there, he must only like a certain type of good movie". Well, check out some of the movies he gave a positive review. You might be a little surprised (and somewhat shocked):

Grown Ups

Critic Score: 10%

Audience Score: 62%

Cheerful and surprisingly heartfelt.

Jonah Hex

Critic Score: 12%

Audience Score: 20%

It reexamines assumptions of good and evil-morality tale vs. trite entertainment-by confronting the hideous compromises people make with social conventions and their own desperation.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Critic Score: 14%

Audience Score: 69%

It's a modern classic (despite a cheap-shot plug for Giuliani). By comparison, Hollywood's most celebrated gay comedies — 'In and Out,' 'Chuck and Buck,' 'Blades of Glory,' even the laughable 'Brokeback Mountain' — were all failures of nerve

The Last Song

Critic Score: 20%

Audience Score: 69%

Cyrus' acting ability makes Veronica's emotional make-over work.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

Critic Score: 19%

Audience Score: 58%

'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' is more proof [Bay] has a great eye for scale and a gift for visceral amazement.

What Happens In Vegas

Critic Score: 27%

Audience Score: 65%

Diaz and Kutcher restore the original, ebullient meaning of 'sex comedy.' They're fun to watch, which is a rare thing in this Zellweger, Clooney, Kidman, Gosling, Apatow world

Clash Of The Titans

Critic Score: 28%

Audience Score: 39%

Leterrier certainly shows a better sense of meaningful, economic narrative than the mess that Peter Jackson made of the interminable, incoherent Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Wow. That is one hell of a bold statement saying that Clash of the Titans has a more meaningful narrative than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, like I said before, movies are very subjective to different people. What you like might be someone else's least favorite movie. Armond White just happens to have a very "particular" opinion towards certain films. That's probably why he has stirred up so much controversy recently.

His views on how movies should be made and what he considers good and bad are so wildly different to other people's that you can't really help but respect his decisions and views. Is Armond White the worst film critic ever? I don't think that is a possible nickname to give someone because everyone has a different view on what film is good or bad. That's the fun part of seeing movies — discussing them, picking them apart and reviewing them among your friends.

Do you think Armond White is the worst film critic ever? What do you think about his controversial reviews?


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