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You can say what you want about The Walking Dead. They lead their fans on. They leave their fans dangling. They make their fans think that one of their favorite characters is dead, only to make them think later that their favorite character is going to die, and then kill another character and make it look like another...yeah, you get it.

But putting that all aside, the wizards behind the curtain must know how painful it is to wait months in between seasons. Between April and October, we have video games, comics, Fear the Walking Dead, and spoilers galore to keep us happy. More recently, they've given us something else to gnaw on: Here's Negan!

And here's Lucille!
And here's Lucille!

Here's Negan is a 12-part comic book series, with 48 total pages planned, that tells us Negan's backstory 4 pages at a time.

*Here's Negan and The Walking Dead comic spoilers alert*

In the show he is a bad man. A bad, bad man. From the comics, we've learned that Negan was pretty much always a d-bag. A complicated d-bag, but still a d-...sorry, typing that word twice in one day is my limit.

There were theories about his origin story before Here's Negan, with him being a used car salesman the most popular. In the new comic, it's revealed he was a high school coach, and a cocky one at that. At one point, he has some of his students over playing ping pong and beats one of them rather badly. He gloats about his victory so much that he sends the boy running home humiliated, if that tells you anything. The moment we meet his wife is actually when she tells him to knock that crap off before he gets fired.

Regarding his wife, one of the only things we know about her (besides her poor choice in husbands) is that she is terminally ill from cancer. One thing we don't know about her yet, however, is her name. One theory out there that's gaining traction, is that Negan, in his sick little way, named his bat Lucille in honor of his deceased wife.

But My Theory Is That He Actually Named Lucille After His Mistress

He loves referring to his bat in the female sense, so it would seem that he named it after a woman in his life. And in the comics, he isn't afraid of crossing the line when it comes to just using cute little pet names.

Here are three huge reasons why I think Lucille is actually going to turn out to be the name of Negan's mistress, instead of his wife.

1. Lucille Ended Glenn And Maggie's Marriage

Gotta love symbolism. Negan's mistress didn't actually kill anybody, except (almost) Negan's marriage, but both the bat and the woman played a part in dealing some pretty severe damage to two different marriages. The damage done is severe in both marriages, although, more so with Glenn and Maggie's. Negan ended Glenn's life and, effectively, his marriage, in issue 100 of the comics, when he smashed Glenn's skull in with Lucille. This has led many fans to believe that Glenn (and his marriage) was Negan's victim in the Season 6 finale.

2. Negan Is Downright Vulgar With Lucille

This guy's reaction to Negan talking about his bat spot-on:

I'd say the way Negan is talking about his bat isn't really the way a guy would talk about his wife, a woman you would expect him to, well, resepct. Even if Negan did have an affair with another woman, he still broke it off after learning of his wife's illness, and is currently staying by her side in a situation that's getting more and more deadly, in a hospital that's surrounded by the erupting undead chaos. Sounds a little like another Walking Dead character's story, doesn't it?

3. Negan, Alpha and Lucille

In one of the newest issues of the comic, Negan and Alpha have this special thing going. Negan escapes the cell, but he leaves without Lucille. The party that searches for him consists of Rick and Dwight, among others, and Dwight has Lucille. Alpha, the leader of The Whisperers, is bald, and catches Negan's eye the first moment he meets her.

Bald head? Check. Negan's wife died of cancer? Check. Negan getting close to Alpha? Check. There are enough similarities there to suggest that in The Walking Dead universe, Alpha becomes Negan's replacement for his wife, so who does that leave the bat to represent? That's right, his mistress.

This is all speculation, of course. Lucille could be nothing but a bat with a random name, just so the internet can make funny pictures and turn them into even funnier t-shirts:

But with so much symbolism in this show, it seems that Lucille is going to end up being more than just a name conjured up in Negan's oversized, twisted head.

What do you guys think? Was Lucille Negan's wife? His mistress? His nickname for the boy he made cry after beating him in ping pong? Let me know in the comments!


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