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Suicide Squad boasts one of the most impressive ensembles of the year, so director David Ayer will probably skip the lengthy origin stories in favor of all-out carnage for his upcoming comic book extravaganza.

This is great news for those of us who are fed up of superhero movies stuffed with exposition, but the problem with this is that each character's rich comic book heritage could end up being overlooked.

Every single member of the Suicide Squad has the potential to take the spotlight in Ayer's ensemble piece, so join us at Movie Pilot as we break down what makes each of these characters great, filling you in on everything you need to know before you stroll into cinemas on August 5. First up, Deadshot.

Who is Deadshot?

Via DC Comics
Via DC Comics

DC Comics has reset its continuity more times than the Joker's cracked a smile, but throughout each of his incarnations, Floyd Lawton has consistently been portrayed as a deadly assassin who's caused havoc in the DC Universe. Deadshot's wisecracking cynicism has made the mercenary a firm fan favorite, resulting in numerous appearances across DC's comics, games and TV shows.

Why does Deadshot deserve a place on the Suicide Squad?

Via DC Comics
Via DC Comics

Deadshot may not possess any superpowers, but the marksman's prowess with his two wrist-mounted machine guns surpasses anything that a mere human can accomplish. That's not all though. Deadshot has a huge range of skills and tech at his disposal, including;

  • Hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Impervious body armor
  • Infiltration skills
  • Sight-enhancing helmet
  • Incendiary and armor-piercing rounds

Deadshot never misses, which means that we're going to see an absolute bloodbath on screen by the time Suicide Squad rolls round, despite the PG-13 rating.

What is Deadshot's origin story?

Via DC Comics
Via DC Comics

The back story of the Suicide Squad's leader is steeped in tragedy (as origin tales often are), heralding back to when Floyd's son was abused and killed by a paedophile. Upon discovering that this horrific event was set in motion by his own mother, Deadshot did what any self respecting assassin would do and decided to permanently paralyse her.

The New 52 DC reboot reimagined Deadshot's origin, kick starting his career after Floyd decided to take revenge on the criminals who slaughtered his family as a young boy.

Whichever route Ayer decides to take with the cinematic version of Deadshot, the trailers suggest that Floyd's daughter Zoe will play an important role in humanising the deadly mercenary for PG-13 audiences. Let's just hope the assassin's infamous death wish and aversion to needless violence remain intact on screen too.

Will Deadshot form any special relationships with the rest of the Suicide Squad?

Deadshot is often depicted as a lone wolf, aside from the occasional moment of vulnerability that he shares with his daughter, but the assassin has been known to flirt more than once in the comics with a certain Ms Harley Quinn.

Via DC Animation
Via DC Animation

Apart from Jared Leto's Joker, Margot Robbie and Will Smith are the two biggest names in Suicide Squad, which means it's likely that the film will capitalise on the comic book romance between Harley Quinn and Deadshot, perhaps in order to create tension between the Joker and the team.

What's the relationship between Deadshot and Batman?

Batman has had a long running history with the Suicide Squad, working against and alongside them in equal measure over the years, so fans were overjoyed when Ben Affleck's Dark Knight was officially cast in the film.

Past interviews have suggested that Batman will be the one responsible for locking each member of the team up in Belle Reve in the first place, so we wouldn't be surprised if Deadshot and Bruce Wayne face off against one another at some point in the film, whether it's in the form of flashbacks or during the present day.

What Does Deadshot's Costume Look Like In Suicide Squad?

Film Vs Comics
Film Vs Comics

For the most part, Deadshot's costume looks incredibly similar to the one usually depicted in the comics. The red and black body armour is extremely faithful to modern versions of the assassin and Deadshot's signature monocle is present too.

The part that interests us most though is the writing stitched across the neck of the costume, which reads;

"I am the light, the way."

Adapted from the biblical passage John 14:6, this religious text suggests that Ayer may bring Deadshot's religion to the forefront of his depiction on screen in order to make his character appear more relatable for PG-13 audiences.

Will Deadshot survive until the credits roll?

Via Warner Bros.
Via Warner Bros.

Despite Deadshot's ongoing death wish, Will Smith's casting in the role leads us to believe that the expert marksman will be sticking around for quite some time, probably leading the team in the inevitable sequel.

Who's your favorite character in Suicide Squad? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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While we wait for August 5 to roll round, here's the latest trailer for Suicide Squad to whet your appetites.


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