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The much-anticipated Suicide Squad movie hits theaters on August 5th, and anticipation for the film really couldn't be higher. The official trailer has now had over 51 million views on YouTube (counting only those on the official Warner Bros. account), here it is for those who haven't seen it:

The trailer — and the huge amount of publicity and media coverage surrounding it — has led to a series of questions from fans. The most prominent of which (bearing in mind most people don't know the comic book canon behind the team) is "Who are the Suicide Squad?"

Luckily, that one has been answered pretty substantially by a number of sources, none more so than this fantastic infographic, which not only covers the background and skills of each of the members of the Suicide Squad, but does so with some pretty sweet custom illustrations:

Infographic via
Infographic via

So now that's the team covered, what else are fans dying to know? The trailer seems to have delivered more questions than answers, but let's have a look at some of the biggest questions we're still yet to discover.

1. Where Do Batman And The Joker Fit In?

Nobody seems to be completely sure of the role of the Dark Knight or his nemesis in the film, and the trailers don't seem to show The Joker sharing any scenes with the majority of the Suicide Squad. The best guess so far is that the Squad are tasked with catching The Joker, but we're not sure just yet.

2. What Exactly Is That Black Goo Stuff?

Watch the trailer closely and you'll notice a black goo substance that apparently kills people. At the moment we have no idea what it is, what it's for, who made it or how big a role it plays in the film.

3. What Is The Primary Threat?

We don't know what the main threat of the film will be — it could be The Joker, but some have suggested his role may only be in flashbacks. It could be the black goo (and whoever's behind it), but right now we simply don't know.

4. Is Lex Luthor In The Film?

There already seem to be a few similarities between Batman v Superman and the Suicide Squad film, which have led many to believe that Lex Luthor could make an appearance (or at least play a role) in the events of the latter. This fantastic theory published on MoviePilot suggests that Luthor and The Joker could meet in prison, and cook up a master scheme of their own.

It's fair to say that I'm pretty excited about the release of Suicide Squad, and I'm keen to see how it ties in to both past releases and future releases. For now though, we'll have to settle for conjecture and speculation until the film is finally released in August.


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