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Suicide Squad comes out in less than a month, so we're diving into the comic book history of its main characters to prepare for their live-action adventure and discover some of their essential storylines. Here's the scoop on one of the least known characters to be appearing in the film — Slipknot.

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Slipknot's Origin

Before becoming the villain known as Slipknot, Christopher Weiss worked for a chemical company where he created the adhesive he would later use to coat his ropes, making them stronger than titanium steel and nearly unbreakable.

Slipknot is a minor villain that first appeared in Fury of Firestorm Issue 28 where he attempted to subdue the titular hero but was quickly stopped and placed into custody. His skills and incarceration made him a prime candidate for Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad, which is where we see most of his time in the comics play out.

Slipknot's Powers

As a trained assassin and master at using ropes, Slipknot discovered a way to make unbreakable ropes using a chemical adhesive that he created. Weiss uses these indestructible ropes to strangle, grapple, and keep his opponents otherwise immobile, allowing him to put those assassin skills to use by killing quickly and quietly. You wouldn't think of this cowboy of a character being as lethal as he actually is, but despite being sent to prison almost immediately, Slipknot is still a deadly member of the Squad.

Major Storylines For Slipknot

Apart from his first appearance as a Firestorm villain, most of Slipknot's comic presence is with the Suicide Squad. His last issue was in Titans Volume 2, Issue 31 where — after being captured by Deathstroke — Slipknot was decapitated by the Tattooed Man.

Perhaps the most telling moment of this character's life is during the Millennium crossover event in Suicide Squad Issue 9. Captain Boomerang convinced Slipknot that the explosive bracelet — which all members of the Suicide Squad wear — was only a ruse meant to keep them in line and wouldn't actually explode. Weiss attempted to run away during battle, subsequently causing him to lose an arm. Eventually his limb was replaced with a robotic one so he could continue in the Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5.


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