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32 Years After the Initial Release of Ghostbusters (1984), Director Paul Feig Has Re-imagined the Story With an All Female Cast. With the New Film's Release Date Approaching, Let's Take a Look at the Legacy of the Original Film...

Ghostbusters (1984)

Ghostbusters is undoubtedly one of the greatest films to come out of the '80s, with many fans gushing at its nostalgic powers. The film has produced oodles of merch, cartoons, games and of course fond memories, and was one of Bill Murray's most preferred roles. "Who you gonna call?" has become a commonly used phrase within pop culture, and it's no wonder why many fans are intrigued by the new upcoming 2016 release of Paul Feig's Ghostbusters. But what made the original Ghostbusters so loved and memorable?

A Heart-warming Narrative

Why do you always find yourself watching Ghostbusters on a lazy Sunday? It's because the narrative is just so gosh darn heart-warming that you actually feel a temperature coming on. Is it flu? No it's Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis' lovely friendship. The trio started up the ghost-sucking business as a way to redeem themselves after losing their jobs and if that's not an uplifting message of friendship then I don't know what is. The trio are then joined by Ernie Hudson which blossoms the friendship even further, to the point of them saving New York as a team. Gimme a T! Gimme an E! Okay you get the point.

It's Extremely Quotable

"Who ya gonna call?" I have a pair of glow in the dark underwear with this written on them. Cool I know. But Ghostbusters is the go-to movie to quote amazing one liners. The film was perfectly scripted and allowed Ghostbusters to grab and keep hold of its cult status, it's the perfect combination of comedy and warmth. So if you really want to liven the party or gain a few nerdy friends, make sure you recite the script at your next gathering, I guarantee it will work!

The Music Dude, The Music

"Busting makes me feel good!". It's quintessentially '80s and I love it. I haven't been to one Halloween party where Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters wasn't on the playlist. There's also groovy, up-beat hits such as; Cleanin' Up The Town - The BusBoys and Laura Branigan- Hot Night to compliment the soundtrack. If you're looking for a playlist to go with your zingy one liners in order to impress a girl, stick to these songs and you'll be just fine.

The Villains

Supernatural, fun, actually quite cute, and sometimes pretty scary. A perfect description of Ghostbusters' villains. I mean come on, how cute is Stay Puft Marshmallow man?! The villains set up the narrative perfectly to allow for a memorable and nostalgic feel to the okay special effects (which were obviously cutting edge in 1984). And Gozer, urgh creepy. I was genuinely spooked out by the Supreme Sumerian God of Destruction.

Empowerment Of The Nerds

As a fully fledged glasses-wearing nerd, I felt a certain sense of empowerment as Ghostbusters showed that nerds can save New York from supernatural evil, I mean if they wanted to that is. Harold Ramis invented the idea of sexy nerds, and re-invented the ideologies that nerds are useless, we aren't! The moral messages held in Ghostbusters are ones we can all learn from, so push up your glasses, embrace your braces, and go out and kick some butt!

Ghostbusters 2016


Let us pray that Paul Feig doesn't butcher the idea of Ghostbusters in the upcoming film, because many have been sceptical on the recent re-make. The film stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones as parapsychologists who start a ghost-catching business in New York City. It also features an updated, more down with the kids version of the Ghostbusters theme by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott. Ghostbusters (2016) is set to be released 11/07/2016 for the UK and 15/07/2016 for the US. Pile on the merch, take your favourite action figures and approach the re-make with an open mind!

Holly Emmett, 07/07/2016


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