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Killer Croc may not be a signature member of the Suicide Squad in the comics, but as one of Batman's most ferocious and deadly enemies, the cannibalistic mutant has earned his rightful place as one of DC's premier villains.

Yes, we're talking about you.
Yes, we're talking about you.

Waylon Jones has appeared extensively across a range of media, including the popular Arkham video games and Bruce Timm's definitive Batman cartoon from the '90s, but this will mark the character's first appearance on film, where Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje will finally bring the villain to life on the big screen.

Join us here at Movie Pilot as we break down everything you need to know about Killer Croc before you stroll into cinemas on August 5 to catch the premiere of Suicide Squad.

Who is Killer Croc?

Via Warner Bros.
Via Warner Bros.

On a team of deranged psychopaths and murderers, Killer Croc is arguably the scariest Suicide Squad member of them all. Born with a condition called regressive atavism, the cannibalistic villain possesses a unique cocktail of human and reptilian DNA that gives him both those winning looks and a range of animalistic abilities that Croc exploits for nefarious purposes.

As if that wasn't intimidating enough, Killer Croc is a known cannibal whose desire to eat human flesh increases when his brain reverts back to more primal, reptilian tendencies. The Joker is scary as hell, but even he doesn't eat people.

Why does Killer Croc deserve a place on the Suicide Squad?

Via Warner Bros
Via Warner Bros

Killer Croc is easily one of the most powerful members of the team, possessing the strength to lift up to two tons with his bare hands. That's not all Waylon can do though, as his unique genetic condition imbued Killer Croc with a wide range of reptilian abilities, including;

  • Bullet-proof skin
  • Enhanced senses
  • Enhanced regenerative abilities
  • Tracking skills
  • Strong swimmer

Harley Quinn loves to tease her fellow teammates, but she should probably think about giving Killer Croc a wide berth if she wants to survive up until the inevitable Suicide Squad sequel.

What is Killer Croc's origin story?

Via DC Comics
Via DC Comics

Killer Croc is more justified in his hatred for humanity than most; Raised by an abusive aunt following the death of his mother, Waylon finally snapped one day, unleashing his animalistic tendencies on his aunt by violently killing her and then eating her body.

Numerous visits to juvenile detention centres eventually led to a hefty prison sentence of 18 years. Following his release, Killer Croc became a freak show performer, earning his criminal moniker by wrestling alligators, breaking their backs with his bare hands. Inevitably, this far from well-adjusted journey eventually led Waylon to a life of crime, where he faced Batman time and time again in Gotham city.

Will Killer Croc form any special relationships with the rest of the Suicide Squad?

Via Warner Bros
Via Warner Bros

Killer Croc isn't a regular member of the Suicide Squad in the comics and his tendency to operate alone means that there are few pre-existing relationships between him and the rest of the team that director David Ayer could exploit onscreen.

If Waylon's murderous rages and tendency to eat people are anything to go by though, it's likely that the majority of the Suicide Squad will try their best to stay away from Killer Croc at all costs.

What's the relationship between Killer Croc and Batman?

In an interview with, Akinnuoye-Agbaje revealed that;

He’s really one of the baddest criminals known to be roaming in Gotham, hence his lockup in Arkham. He’s tangled with the Batman and here he is amongst these other foes. He’s very much a formidable force at the time that you meet him."

Killer Croc and Batman have fought time and time again in the comics, so it's exciting to hear that this dynamic will be brought to life on the big screen too.

What Does Killer Croc's Costume Look Like In Suicide Squad?

Via Warner Bros
Via Warner Bros

In the comics, Killer Croc's appearance has changed drastically over the years, varying between a basically human look to almost full-on crocodile, which is usually explained away by various mutations and the like.

Akinnuoye-Agbaje gave some details on how the team behind Suicide Squad will bring the scaly villain to life, explaining that;

"The head and shoulders are prosthetic that were glued onto my face and then the body down was painted. It took about five hours to do but it was something that was a challenge that I was up for because I wanted to set a new standard for what can be done with prosthetics. We could have easily CGI’d this, but David [Ayer] was insistent on there being an actor to bring out the soul of the character. It gave me an opportunity to show what I could do with prosthetics.”

When the trailer for Suicide Squad first appeared online, some fans were quick to criticise Waylon's appearance, claiming that the character didn't look threatening enough, but it's to Ayer's credit that he chose to forego the usual CGI tricks, instead opting for practical prosthetics that will more effectively portray Akinnuoye-Agbaje's performance.

Will Killer Croc survive until the credits roll?

Via Warner Bros
Via Warner Bros

Killer Croc's impervious skin certainly makes him one of the most durable members of the Suicide Squad but if Amanda Waller decides to pull the plug on Waylon, his days could be numbered.

From a marketing perspective, the character undoubtedly brings a unique aesthetic to the team, but Akinnuoye-Agbaje isn't as famous as the likes of Will Smith and Margot Robbie, so there's still a chance that Killer Croc could fall by the wayside by the time the credits have rolled.

Who's your favorite character in Suicide Squad? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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While we wait for August 5 to roll round, here's the latest trailer for Suicide Squad to whet your appetites.

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