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Time to make the chimi-friggin'-changas!
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Friends, a show detailing the lives of 6 friends living in the same apartment building in New York City, sticking their noses into each other's businesses, leading to a damn funny show! On the other hand, How I Met Your Mother, a show about Ted, a man who tells his story years in the future about his search for his soulmate to his children, aka, their mother. While doing so, major hilarity ensues as a result of his friends, who hang out with him on a daily basis, so much so, like Friends! So, what's it going to be? Friends or How I Met Your Mother? Which show was better? Let's first see which intro or title sequence was superior. Let's revisit the past and dig out those old title sequences:

The One That Came First: Friends

The One Who Some Call A Ripoff: How I Met Your Mother


The Title Sequence — 'Friends' or 'HIMYM'?

Now that those pesky, old title sequences are done with, let's move on to the characters themselves:

The Womanizers — Joey Tribbiani Or Barney Stinson?

Who can forget these two?! Both fan favorites in their respectable shows, both Joey and Barney are known to fool around with several (MAJOR understatement!) women. Both Joe and Barney are well-versed with women but can be very annoying to their friends. Between the two, which character reigns superior in this epic clash? To help decide, we'll post a bunch of useless GIFs that may or may not help us with this puzzling question.

Barney Killing Himself With An Imaginary Gun:

Joey Likes What He Sees:


Barney Stinson Or Joey Tribbiani?

The Pursuers of Love — Ted Mosby Or Ross Geller?

Hmm, Ross and Ted. Their ultimate goal: Find their soul mate and get happily married! In both shows, both these guys take this important element very seriously, while also managing to be hilarious! Both Ross and Ted have had more serious relationships with one of their friends (i.e., Ross and Rachel, and Ted and Robin), but this doesn't stop them from having fun in their lives! Most importantly, they're very hellbent on proper grammar! As for the GIFs:

Ted's Little Angel From Hell:

Ross' Very Serious Face:


Ted Mosby Or Ross Geller?

The Career Women — Rachel Green Or Robin Scherbatsky?

The leading women in their shows both had an on-off relationship with one of their friends, playing a huge part throughout the entire series. Both women are extremely (oof!) good-looking are not afraid to use their looks to get what they want. All these women really want is to be taken seriously in what they do. To prove that, both of them work hard on their careers.

Rachel With A Can On Her Stomach:

Robin Sparkles:


Robin Scherbatsky Or Rachel Green?

The "Moms" — Lily Aldrin Or Monica Geller?

While Lily is, literally, a mom, both Lily and Monica are, essentially, the "mothers" of their groups that hold both of them together. Lily and Monica are also the only ones who successfully marry another one of their friends — Monica with Chandler, and Lily with Marshall. These two are the ones with a few quirks that set them apart from the other members of their groups.

'You Son of a Beach!':

Fat Monica's Sick Dance Moves!:


Monica Geller Or Lily Aldrin?

The Jokers — Chandler Bing Or Marshall Eriksen?

The most lovable characters on their shows as well as, the funniest ones, both Marshall and Chandler provide tons of laughs — Chandler with his sarcastic comments and his wits, while Marshall entertains with his silly antics. I mean, who can forget Beercules?!


Who Doesn't Love Chandler Dancing?:


Marshall Eriksen OR Chandler Bing?

And last, but not least:

The Weird — Phoebe Buffay Or Phoebe Buffay?

Phoebe wins in a category of her own! The weirdest — but one of the funniest — characters in Friends, who has NO equal of her own!

Pick Up The Damn Sock, Already!:

The Hangout Places — McLaren's Or Central Perk?

Each show has their own hangout place. For Friends, it was Central Perk, a place where all of them get together, hang out, and drink coffee. It was also a place where Rachel worked awhile. On the contrary, the friends in HIMYM prefer a pub to hang out in, drinking the occasional beer, at night! Where would you rather hang out?


McLaren's OrCentral Perk?

And finally:


'Friends' or 'How I Met Your Mother'?

Friends and HIMYM were two, arguably, great shows in their own rights. With many similarities obvious between the two, HIMYM has faced much criticism due to claims that it has copied much off of Friends, however, after 9 seasons, HIMYM had developed it's own identity and was successful on it's own basis. While both shows were amazing shows, some will continue to argue one is better, so why not finish that here, once and for all?!

Which show- FRIENDS or HIMYM-did YOU enjoy the most? Comment below!


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