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Ever since it was announced that Greg Berlanti would once again expand his superheroic horizons when Supergirl was picked up by CBS, many hoped that it would take place in the same universe as Berlanti's other superhero shows — the Arrow-verse. But in the early days of Supergirl's delightfully thrilling first season, no references were made to the Arrow-verse or any of its characters. Which many found disappointing, because no Arrow-verse meant no crossovers.

However, our dreams came true last year when the news broke that Supergirl would be crossing over with the CW's The Flash. And man, what an awesome crossover it was. But during that episode, it was confirmed that both shows take place in completely different universes — or "Earths." While the Arrow-verse takes place on Earth-1, Supergirl takes place on a different Earth.

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However, after a period of deliberation, Supergirl was renewed for a second season but officially moved to the CW to join its Berlanti-produced counterparts. This also meant that the series would no longer be filmed in Los Angeles and instead, production would be moved to Vancouver — where all of the Arrow-verse shows are filmed. So at the very least, more crossovers are likely now that there would be no travel involved for the cast and crew.

However, with Barry Allen's altering of the Arrow-verse timeline over on The Flash, there's no telling how far and wide the ripples of that change will reach. The events of the Season 2 finale were incredibly similar to the DC Comics Flashpoint storyline from 2011 which subsequently ended up re-writing their continuity. Could the same happen here with Supergirl and the Arrow-verse? Is Flashpoint the key to finally bringing theses universes together?

This looks like a job for Supergirl!
This looks like a job for Supergirl!

The Impossible Is Now Possible

Flashpoint re-wrote DC's comic book continuity, changing many important factors. Since the Arrow-verse and Supergirl are adaptations of said comic books, it's not only very possible that "Flashpoint" could do the same on TV, it's highly likely. In order for these shows to take place on the same plane of existence, they would need to merge into the one Earth.

The Flash Season 2 dealt with the theory of the multiverse and had us wondering if Earth-1 and Earth-2 would ever merge. And let's not forget Zoom very nearly wiped out all the other worlds in the multiverse — Supergirl's included — until Barry managed to subdue him (Crisis On Infinite Earths anyone?). However, in order for Supergirl to truly become a part of the Arrow-verse, her Earth would need merge with Earth-1.

Girl of Steel: Supergirl.
Girl of Steel: Supergirl.

If you're looking for proof as to how that could be pulled off, look no further than the Flashpoint comic itself. Towards the end of Flashpoint, when Barry travels through time, he is able to see three very different timelines: DC (New-Earth), Vertigo (Earth-13) and Wildstorm (Earth-50). He is then informed by the hooded Pandora that the world had been split into three in order to weaken it for someone — presumably Doctor Manhattan — to create "a corrupt, cynical, doubt-filled" version of the DC Universe. Pandora tells The Flash that the three worlds must be reunited and thus, these three Earths — DC, Vertigo and Wildstorm — all become one.

On an interesting note, this proves that Flashpoint may have already previously influenced The Flash before — remember when Barry traveled to Earth-2 and saw three different worlds? The Earth belonging to the 1990s The Flash, Supergirl's Earth and an unknown Earth with a different Green Arrow? Could this have been an homage to when the character saw three different worlds in the Flashpoint comics?

Now this may all sound very confusing but my point is: When Flash time travels, anything is possible. If Flashpoint made worlds literally collide and merged in the comics, then why wouldn't it do the same thing on TV?

So if this were to happen, one of the most convincing theories would be that Supergirl's world merges with Earth-1 and their separate continuity would begin to blend together. Thus the characters in the Arrow-verse would perhaps suddenly have always known about Supergirl and vice versa.

Although Barry could probably just jump back into Supergirl's Earth again and transport the cast to the Arrow-verse, it's highly unlikely that this would happen. Despite all the metahumans, magic and mysticism, the only real way for National City and Supergirl to come to the Arrow-verse is through "Flashpoint."

When Barry met Kara: The Flash and Supergirl.
When Barry met Kara: The Flash and Supergirl.

The Flash Could Change Everything

Let's not forget that the four series crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow is supposed to take place in the fall over four nights. That means Supergirl is going to have to show up in the Arrow-verse.

And perhaps one of the most important factors in figuring out The Flash's role in Supergirl's possible jump to Earth-1 is the order in which the shows air. All of the shows are returning around the same time, but The Flash is the first — despite the fact it airs on Tuesday and Supergirl will air on Monday. One has to wonder: Is The Flash airing first as "Flashpoint" could end up influencing all of the Arrow-verse shows including Supergirl? Also notice that Supergirl is the last of the superhero shows to return — could there be a reason for that as well?

Super hugs!
Super hugs!

There may be many questions still lingering but there are also some compelling answers: Flashpoint is definitely happening, Supergirl is definitely moving to the CW and a major crossover is coming. It seems that The Flash's adaptation of Flashpoint may indeed have a role to play in Supergirl's arrival in the Arrow-verse.

Are you excited at the possibility of Supergirl joining the Arrow-verse? If it does happen, do you think "Flashpoint" will be involved? Let us know in the comments!


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