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Suicide Squad is hitting theaters in less than a month, so it's no surprise that fans' anticipations and expectations are as high as ever. With a star-studded cast that includes Jared Leto, Viola Davis, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevigne and Will Smith and a fantastic director in the form of David Ayer, this film has the enormous responsibility of being not only good, but great.

The first trailer for the film raised even more questions than we had before, such as who were the enemies the Squad was fighting, who was the main villain and what Joker's role was in all of it. Well, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now have answers to those questions and they are quite interesting to say the least. So, because of that, here's a breakdown of the new information we have on the film.

1. Why The Suicide Squad Is Assembled

Suicide Squad takes place in a post-Man of Steel and Batman v Superman world. The government struggles to be prepared in case a less-than-kind alien comes to Earth looking for trouble. Amanda Waller has the answer: Gather a group of the worst super-powered criminals their fictional cities have to offer and have them as Earth's line of defense. Her first target is the archeologist June Moone/Enchantress played by Cara Delevigne.

The proposal is rejected at first; however, Waller's superiors change their mind when a mystical enemy surfaces in Midway City - we saw them in the trailer, looking like a supernatural, militarized unit and we've since learned they're called 'The Eyes of the Adversary.' Deadshot, Diablo, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang and Slipknot are released to take on this powerful threat. The people in charge of keeping the team in line while they hunt this adversary are Captain Rick Flag and Katana. But who could this enemy be? Well, be thankful that a long-time comic book nerd (i.e. me) is covering this. So let's break this down.

First, Who Is The Villain In This Shot?

The fact that caught my interest was that this adversary popped up in Midway City, home of Hawkman, Hawkgirl and a handful of colorful villains. We know the villain's look from the picture above. What we now need to do is find out which character or characters best fit that image. In my opinion, one that comes pretty close is a villain named Blyth:

Byth was a Thanagarian wingman commander and was Hawkman's superior. Long story short, he betrays the winged superhero and moves to Earth, where he gets shape-shifting powers from a drug called Krotan. Now, the interesting part of his abilities is that he can shape-shift into any creature from any planet without restrictions on mass or proportions, which look very similar to what the mystery character is doing in his short appearance in the trailer.

The only problem is the "mystical" part in the character's description. That one fits that is a character named Eclipso, who also could explain the strange henchmen seen in the trailer:

Eclipso can be considered a mystical entity. There are two versions of him: One that was God's Spirit of Wrath and the other that was an entity imprisoned in a "black diamond." The version I believe could be the villain is the one that was God's Wrath. He not only possesses super speed, flight, super strength, size alteration and power distribution, but also possession. The latter is how I'm assuming the "Eyes of the Adversary" might fall under his control.

While an argument can be made that these two don't entirely fit into what we've seen so far, we must keep in mind that this is an adaption. In adaptations, things can be significantly changed for the purposes of a film. However, it's a double-edged sword. Being an adaptation means there are infinite possibilities for who this villain could be; for all we know, it could be an entirely new character created specifically for the film.

2. The Enemies They Are Fighting Are Called 'The Eyes Of The Adversary'

The Eyes Of The Adversary in 'Suicide Squad'
The Eyes Of The Adversary in 'Suicide Squad'

Last month, Movie Pilot covered an interview that David Ayer gave to Total Film that you can read right here. In it, he revealed that the names of the henchmen the Squad battle are called The Eyes of The Adversary. "Who the hell are they?" you might be angrily asking. Well, I could go on a long speculative rant, but the truth is that we only need to look at the trailer for clues.

The henchmen are wearing military outfits, which indicates they might be humans turned into something else. That means someone turned them into those things. We also know that that someone leaves a trail of, well, goo. Which villain has abilities that come close to that?


Of the villains I already wrote about, Blyth and Eclipso, in the above image, you can see that Eclipso's appearance closely resembles the mysterious henchmen's. What if, similar to Steppenwolf, his portrayal in the film is based on a specific moment from the comic books? The same thing applies to Blyth.

So, what if the villain's appearance in Suicide Squad greatly influences how these "Eyes of the Adversary" look? Keep in mind that the main adversary could be a completely different character that either already exists in the comic book universe, was created exclusively for the film, or (like was the case with the Mandarin in Iron Man 3) an amalgamation of several characters.

3. Wayne Enterprises Is Responsible For The Explosive Devices In Their Necks

Ben Affleck's Batman in 'BvS'
Ben Affleck's Batman in 'BvS'

One of the key aspects of the Suicide Squad is the explosive devices that are implanted in the members' necks. Acting as invisible leashes, the people monitoring them have the freedom to set them off in case any of the Squad members decide to not follow the rules. Sounds cruel?

Of course it does. But, who would make such an invention? Well, Batman. OK, not exactly. Entertainment Weekly has revealed that Wayne Enterprises is the company that developed those explosive devices. Was Bruce Wayne involved in the project? Taking Batman's extreme and murderous tendencies in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice into account, there is a pretty big possibility.

However, there's this official picture from the DC Extended Universe:

In case you aren't able to read it (don't worry, the letter are really small), this is what the graphics state about Wayne Enterprises' $97 million budget:

Curiously at bottom of the pack, but that's not the strange part: CEO Bruce Wayne is notorious for his refusal to accept military contracts. So, why spend nearly nine figures on a prototype plane and exoskeleton tech that have yet to establish proof of concept?

What's going on there? If Bruce Wayne has refused to accept military contracts for so long, how come his company manufactured small bombs for the government to kill criminals in case they go off track?

Still, even if it's revealed that Bruce Wayne had no knowledge of these weapons being built, it's a great departure from the comic books. This is considering the fact that in the printed material, Bruce Wayne is greatly involved in what his company manufactures.

4. What The Joker Is Up To

Joker and Harley in 'Suicide Squad'
Joker and Harley in 'Suicide Squad'

One of the characters that has stirred the most speculation on the film has been Jared Leto's Joker. Many of us have been wondering how he fits into the story. Is he the Suicide Squad's target? Is he a rogue member of the team? Is he working with the main villain of the film? Well, we now have an answer thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

Turns out that Joker is just a love-sick puppy going after his true love: Harley Quinn. That's right, according to EW, the tattooed Prince of crime and master criminal, has a "laser-like plan" to reunite with Harley, which just adds to the trouble the Squad have to deal with to complete their mission.

This aspect of the story is also quite a departure from the comic books. In the comics, it's established that Joker doesn't care so much about Harley Quinn, let alone go against a government team — comprised of super-powered individuals — to reunite with her.


In a year full of superhero blockbusters, Suicide Squad has pulled off the incredible task of staying relevant in people's mind. The movie is considered by many their most anticipated film of 2016. And while these new details justify the enormously high expectations from fans as well as showing promise for an amazing experience, we should wait and see what David Ayer, WB and the amazing cast have in store for us.

So far, the film seems to be following a completely original story, only adapting the concept of the Suicide Squad and certain characters but not a specific arc from the comic books. What do you think?

Do These Details Make You More Excited For Suicide Squad? Who Do You Think The Main Villain Is?


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