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With Suicide Squad hitting our screens next month, we can expect a lot of TV spots and information to keep coming out over the next few weeks, but it's about time we focused in on what we already know about the film! While we've heard a whole lot of speculation about the characters themselves, we haven't heard a lot about another key piece of the film, Belle Reve, the prison in which Suicide Squad takes place. You can see our first view of the prison itself in the trailer for Suicide Squad below!

What Is Belle Reve?

Belle Reve has always been the major supervillain prison within the DC universe. While Arkham Asylum is often home to many of Batman's villains, Belle Reve is specifically built to house the most dangerous and powerful criminals in the world, and occasionally out of it! Since the inception of the first Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller has sought out the inmates of Belle Reve for her task forces, but here's a few other things that may be important about Belle Reve for the upcoming film!

1. Belle Reve Is In A Swamp!

Yes, Amanda Waller hid her top secret prison in the middle of a Louisiana swamp, which makes perfect sense for keeping locals away, but may make it a little obvious to government officials that she has something to hide besides the inmates. This could be an interesting part of the film if the rumoured mass prison break happens near the end of the film. The visual aspect of this huge number of villains running from the guards through the treacherous ground alone would be excellent, and director David Ayer's work on Fury means he would make this an incredible scene!

2. Belle Reve's Name Is Incredibly Ironic!

Fitting with the darkly comedic style of the trailer, Belle Reve's name translates from French as "Beautiful Dream", a seriously ironic name for a prison which holds a large number of insane people! In addition to this, the name is actually a mistranslation, possibly hinting at the fact that the whole prison isn't quite what it appears to be, or possibly hinting that the creators of the prison didn't know French.

3. Amanda Waller Has Been A Belle Reve Prisoner Too!

In typical "what goes around" fashion, Waller ended up as a prisoner of Belle Reve herself, after the true nature of her activities within the prison were discovered by government officials. It turns out that something about putting explosive devices inside the heads of the prisoners wasn't taken too well. This could be interesting within the context of the DC film universe because, while we have seen Amanda conversing with some official looking men about the squad in the trailers, we don't know whether or not the government has officially sanctioned the idea, and if not then Waller could be in some trouble!

4. And There Are Lots Of Prisoners Who Could Turn Up!

With several actors' roles in Suicide Squad not having been disclosed yet, this could prove to be a very interesting point. Within DC comics, many villains have been incarcerated over the years in Belle Reve, and plenty of these could be introduced to set up future DC films, particularly Aquaman and Ben Affleck's solo Batman film. Such characters include two of the most well-known Aquaman villains, Ocean Master and Black Manta, as well as several of the best known Batman villains who aren't members of the Suicide Squad itself, such as The Riddler, Mr. Freeze and The Penguin! It could be very interesting to see what cameos are in the film!

5. Lex Luthor Is There Right Now In The DCEU!

This is probably the most exciting thing of all. Never mind the Aquaman and Batman villains in Belle Reve, Lex Luthor is a character who we know is there right now in the DC film universe! While the prison that Lex was left in during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn't named, we can see on these guards arms the badge that says Belle Reve on it, so if Lex is set to be a part of Justice League then it is possible that he will escape Belle Reve at the end of Suicide Squad with a large number of the other prisoners. Plus, who doesn't want to see Lex and Joker on-screen together?

So that's just a few of the things about Belle Reve's comic book history that could be important to Suicide Squad when it hits theatres next month! And if the hype is just too much for you, learn more about the upcoming film and it's members with some of the articles from my fellow creators below!


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