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When looking at the history of cinema it seems that any horror film, even a bad one, is able to spawn sequels. In terms of quality, some stories and ideas have been strengthened by a series of sequels and have done really well. Others, however, have been embarrassed by follow-up media.

Then, there are those films that leave us wanting more - and yet we're left dreaming of a sequel that may never happen. So, here I’m going to list the top five horror sequels I'm absolutely dying to see.

5. Basket Case 4

I think that most people can agree that in the Basket Case trilogy there are no rules. The first two films, and the third one to a certain extent, each had their own charm that made them entertaining and messed up.

The first one had a gritty, urban city feel, the second had a small, disturbing House of Freaks vibe and the third a local, suburban, almost Western-feel to it.

It would be great if a fourth film was made, especially with today's modern technology and a variety of topics and settings to play with.

4. Wishmaster 5

A fifth Wishmaster film with a decent budget, the mayhem and charm of the first two films and most importantly Andrew Divoff playing the Djinn would be fantastic!

The films are formulaic in structure; they’re all about a female protagonist unleashing the Djinn and trying to stop it as it collects souls. However, the Djinn, his creative kills and the situations he gets in, are what makes the films.

The first two established the character and the great potential for further sequels.

Unfortunately the third and fourth films that did follow had no Andrew Divoff, boring scenes and mediocre gore effects. A fifth installment could redeem the franchise.

3. It Follows 2

I can understand people not being for this idea. After all It Follows is a standalone story, there’re no loose ends, its great on it’s own. Why make a sequel?!

Yes, to continue the plot of the first one wouldn’t be a good idea but what about another story set in the world of It Follows? The film establishes that many people have been stalked by ‘It’ over the years.

Imagine a sequel with a new set of a characters in a bigger, more public location like a city. There’s a lot of potential for some truly disturbing scenes. A sequel would also be a good opportunity to explore the origins of ‘It’.

Of course, giving a full backstory would spoil the mystery, but suggesting where it came from could make the film a development on the first one.

2. Candyman 4

Like Basket Case and Wishmaster the Candyman series had great potential that was never fulfilled.

The world the first two films created (there seems to be a running theme of horror series having two decent films and horrible follow ups, how strange) leaves endless possibilities for a fourth, fifth, sixth or even a full-blown franchise of sequels.

If a fourth film was made today it could explore how the Candyman legend has adapted to the modern world. Candyman may’ve become a cultural icon on the internet like Slenderman.

The film could explore how urban legends terrify people on an international scale, very much how the first film explored how an urban legend terrified people on a community scale.

If done right the Candyman franchise could blossom in popularity and finally be recognized for the mature and disturbing series that it is.

1. 28 Months Later

I know a lot of people didn’t like 28 Weeks Later but I thought it was a pretty decent follow up on the first one. It was bigger, it was more intense, it managed to truly depict a post-zombie apocalypse UK on a large scale.

The idea of the rage virus going global alone, as the ending of 28 Weeks suggested, is unsettling. Imagine swarms of rage zombies chasing civilians down the streets. To pull this off a larger budget would probably be required which may be difficult today since horror films don’t tend to be huge blockbusters.

For a horror film like 28 Months Later however it would be worth every penny.

So do you think these sequels should be made? What other horror series do you think could do with more entries? Let me know!


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