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Now that we're over halfway through the second season of Scream the series, we're almost at the point of discovering who Lakewood's new killer is. Today, let's analyze each character to see if we can figure out who that person is a few weeks early.

Caution! SPOILERS below!

1. Audrey

Likelihood: 0/10 Verdict: Not Guilty, But Not Innocent Either

Audrey definitely is hiding something and we know that she worked with Piper during Season 1, but it's pretty safe to say that she isn't the killer (this time around, at least. I never really trusted her and probably never will). After all, it would be pretty hard for her to be getting calls from the killer if the killer was her the whole time. In fact, she's kind of shaping up to be the kind of final girl for this season. So, no, no Audrey.

2. Emma

Likelihood: 1/10 Verdict: Really?

C'mon, really? I think it's fair to say that it isn't any of the Lakewood 6, er- 5 (sorry Jake). Let's skip right ahead to the more likely candidates...

3. Stavo

Likelihood: 5/10 Verdict: Just a Comic Book Writer... A Creepy Comic Book Writer

From the very beginning, Stavo hasn't exactly proven himself to be the most trustworthy guy. From drawing pictures of the Lakewood 5 bloodied and dying to serving out drinks spiked with drugs and even possessing a mask in the fashion of Brendan James and Piper Shaw, Stavo has always been on the list of potential killers. But, to me, and judging from the way he reacted when Audrey stole his tablet, hes just some creep kid at school who is writing a completely inappropriate comic book about his classmates being killed in horrible ways. Besides, the killer has never been this obvious and probably never will be, so...

4. Eli

Likelihood: 6/10 Verdict: Just a Creep

Yeah, Eli was really high up there on the list for me this season, but the whole thing just seems so obvious. He definitely has a lot to hide and is up to something with his mother, but I don't think he's the killer. Looking at him, he probably can't even lift a knife, let alone go on a killing spree. It's not him.

5. Mayor Maddox

Likelihood: 5/10 Verdict: A Crooked Politician

Okay, sorry, Brooke, but I kind of want this guy dead already. I just find him really annoying and he's just a straight-up bad person. Once again, he's hiding something (let's hope it's not a body again) and it'll probably get someone hurt... again. He doesn't have the guts to go through with something as dastardly as this, he's just a crooked politician. Ugh, like we need any more of those these days...

6. Mr. Branson

Likelihood: 7/10 Verdict: Second Time's the Charm?

Branson was at the tippi-top of my list last year, right along with Kieran. Now, while I may not have been correct on either front, maybe I wasn't so far off as I may have thought. Branson conveniently showed up again in town just days after the killings began again, he's already revealed himself as a major creep/stalker, and definitely wouldn't have any qualms about killing the children responsible for his second defamation. Is he the killer this time? He may well be.

Wait, hang on. Let me watch the latest episode...

Yep, never mind. Not Branson.

New Likelihood: 0/10

7. Zoe

Likelihood: 5/10 Verdict: Either Dead Before the Finale or the Killer Hidden In Plain Sight

Zoe is one of the students at Lakewood High introduced after the first kill spree. She's since hooked up with Noah, who has never before had a long-lasting relationship. But, what would be the best way to stay away from public suspicion? Why, to date the voice of the Morgue, the primary source of news on the Lakewood killings. But, if she turns out not to be the killer, I predict that she'll be dead within the season. Why? Because poor Noah Foster can never be happy!

8. Sheriff Acosta

Likelihood: 8/10 Verdict: Not Who He Says He Is

From the very beginning, Sheriff Acosta's stupid face has reeked of guiltiness. He overlooks his son's utter creepiness, dismisses Maggie Duvall from crime scenes, has some sort of deal going on with the Mayor, and cuts deals he probably shouldn't as a high-ranking cop. Let's face it, the guy should have never been put in a position of authority. He's an awful cop, especially at finding this killer. Hmm. Convenient. Even if he's not the killer, doesn't it seem a little bit strange that he locked the killer in a school with hundreds of students? Maybe he's this killer's accomplice? Maybe a father-son team?

9. Haley

Likelihood: 4/10 Verdict: What Is Wrong With Her?

Please, please, please die. She is by far the most annoying character in the entire series. She's the perfect victim, please taker her! That's all I have to say on the subject.

10. Emma's Dad

Likelihood: 6/10 Verdict: Crazy

He's definitely not all there. But, can he really be a killer? It depends. If Emma's pushing him away really damaged him enough, he could be driven to kill. But, he really doesn't seem like he's capable of something like that- at least I hope not. Something like that would totally crush Emma.

11. Ms. Lang

Likelihood: 9/10 Verdict: Guilty

Ms. Lang smelled fishy the moment she appeared on screen. A teacher who only wants the best for her students? Not a thing. She's too nice and too perfect to be true. And do you really believe that it was a coincidence that on the same day that she found out that Branson had cheated on her, he was attacked? I THINK NOT! Lang is guilty. Guilty, I say, guilty!

So, there you have it. My personal feelings on who Lakewood's new killer is. If you have anything you'd like to share about your own theories, post them in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


Who do you think is the killer?


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