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Digimon Adventure Tri. has reignited the passion that's been long dormant within Digimon fans. With the next movie getting closer and closer, fans are reliving old times as they witness a new journey for some fan-favorite characters. But let us not forget that their have been a total of either series of Digimon and a total of seven teams of Digimon and their partners. So let's take a look back at the top ten Digimon and their partners from all the past seasons.

10. Lalamon & Yoshino.

Yoshino and Lalamon
Yoshino and Lalamon

A team since Yoshino was a child, this pair are one of the top teams for DATS (Digimon Data Squad). Apprehending Digimon in the real world, the pair soon discovered there were dark secrets behind the organisation they worked for. Heading to the Digital World, the pair fought to protect those that couldn't protect themselves. They acted as the heart of their team, and were always willing to say what needed to be said.

Yoshino - Yoshino, to date, is the oldest female Digidestined. Being 18 years old, she is set apart from all the other female characters. She brings a more mature feel to the team; she's still capable to have fun, but she does show more mature themes in her story. Including a more obvious interest in men and how she talks to younger members of the team. While strict at times, she does however have a huge heart and cherishes her team greatly.

Lalamon - Lalamon is a special Digimon, as she is the only female Digimon to go beyond the Mega Level. A few male Digimon had previously achieved this. She also saw her Mega Level Digivolution sequence being cut shorter than in Japan, due to her sexual nature. Her Mega Level form is back in Digimon Adventures Tri. but this time is being used by Palmon, who also is able to become Rosemon. However Lalamon will remain the only Rosemon to activate her Burst Mode.

9. Patamon & T.K.

T.K and Patamon
T.K and Patamon

T.K and his partner Patamon have been through plenty ever since they first met. The pair have faced losing each other, proving that while he was the youngest of the original Digidestined, T.K was more than capable of remaining the conscience of the team. Now as a teenager, T.K has truly turned into a confident team member with Patamon ever ready to get involved.

T.K. - When first pulled into the Digital World, T.K was a young child. However, with his new friend Patamon, and older brother Matt, the young Digidestined grew more confident. He joined the second team of Digidestined a few years later, which saw him step further out of his brother's shadow. This however did see him take more careless actions, but with his new friends, was always able to keep on the correct path. Now we are at Digimon Adventures Tri., Patamon has always remained T.K's greatest friend and ally. But times look to be rough for the pair, as Patamon is infected with an unknown virus - could this mean they are about to part ways once again?

Patamon - From something so small comes a light so bright the darkness withdraws. Patamon was the first partner Digimon to be defeated and 'die' before his partner. Luckily, this was only temporary. He was the last of the original team to reach his Ultimate Level. But this did lead him to taking down a Mega Level Digimon, Piedmon who had already defeat all the other Digimon including two Mega Levels. Joining a new team, along with T.K, Patamon gained the ability to Armor Digivolve and even DNA Digivolve with Ankylomon. This has made Patamon hold the record for most Digivolutions used by an original Digimon. Now in Digimon Adventures Tri. Patamon is set for a unknown course, as he has been infected with the mysterious virus causing Digimon to rampage.

8. Veemon & Davis.

Davis and Veemon
Davis and Veemon

Davis was effectively a carbon copy of the original leader Tai - however Davis proved that he was not all he appeared once Veemon managed to have an impact on his life. The pair took charge of the new team of Digidestined and led them to victory. The pair also try to impress Kari and her partner Gatomon, as the pair are head over heels for the beautiful Digi-Duo.

Davis - While hardheaded and stubborn, he actually has a very pure and trusting heart. When the rest of his team feared and hated Ken, he never wavered from his belief that Ken had changed. Ignoring them, and following his heart, resulted in the pair unlocking a new Digivolution (DNA Digivolution) with their partners, Veemon and Wormmon. The new power connected Davis and Ken in such a way that the pair became an unstoppable force.

Veemon - Veemon was the first Digimon to Armor Digivolve in the franchise, which was soon followed by others. While Tai and Agumon could knock heads at times, Veemon had a harder head for butting with Davis. Veemon kept his partner true to himself, and even allowed him to reveal sides of himself he wouldn't normally show. Davis also knew if Veemon was mad at him, the only way to get forgiveness was to admit his faults. This made Veemon a truly stubborn partner for any Digidestined, but without this trait Davis would have probably never become the Digidestined he did.

7. Biyomon & Sora

Sora and Biyomon
Sora and Biyomon

Sora and Biyomon are literally made for each other. Both care deeply for their friends and are always ready to be their for them when they are needed. They are both also very motherly towards their fellow Digidestined and Digimon allies. Through their journey together, Biyomon has never wavered from her partner's side and has helped guide Sora through some truly difficult times growing up. The pair are set to have more focus in one of the upcoming movies to move them into the next phase of their story.

Sora - When plunged into the Digital world as a child, Sora was one of the children that kept the others calm during times of danger. The only problems would occur when Tai and Matt would get into an argument and she would be stuck in the middle. As they got older, not much changed, and Sora is still struggling with her heart. Now in Digimon Adventures Tri., Sora still debates over which one to choose: Tai or Matt? But if she waits much longer, both might get away from her.

Biyomon - Biyomon was the first female Digimon to ever Digivolve on the show. She was also the first female to reach her Ultimate Level. Biyomon is a true fighter, and is willing to put herself into danger if it means protecting Sora. This bond was so strong it caused Sora's Crest of Love to react, giving Biyomon more power. Biyomon has also helped Sora understand her mother's protective feelings towards her and in return, this helped Sora's mother see how strong her daughter truly is.

6. Agumon & Marcus.

Marcus and Agumon
Marcus and Agumon

Marcus and Agumon have a special way of communicating with each other, and that is through their fists. When the pair need to understand each other, they simply duke it out. This is an approach that is rare for any Digimon and their partner. The pair have had issues to the point of them breaking their partnership. However, Marcus came to realize that he needs Agumon to be stronger and they quickly became a team once again.

Marcus - Strong willed and happier to use his fists over his words, Marcus is a truly wild leader compared to all the others. Marcus went on a journey to discover what happened to his father, and how the Digital World was connected to his disappearance. He also exhibited a stronger sibling-protective bond to his younger sister than we had ever been seen. Which showed that below his hard attitude and willingness to fight, was a heart yearning to protect those he loved.

Agumon - While he was the second Agumon to be a partner Digimon, he was vastly different from the original. First off, he was much bigger than the original. This wasn't even by a small amount; this Agumon was easily two/three times larger than his predecessor. He also sported hand straps to match him up with his fight-loving partner. While he was more simple in his ways of thinking than the original, it never stopped him from conveying Marcus's desires in a fight.

5. Renamon & Rika.

Rika and Renamon
Rika and Renamon

Rika and Renamon were a new type of female Digidestined and partner. The pair displayed a far colder persona than other females. Rika had pure focus in her objective, which made the centered Renamon the perfect partner for her. However Rika did not expect Renamon to touch her heart the way she did, which made Rika embrace aspects of her life she had always ran from.

Rika - To say Rika is cold would be stating the obvious; however, underneath all that veneer is actual a scared heart. Rika is essentially terrified of allowing people to see how vulnerable she truly feels inside. This only started to show when she realized that the Digimon could be dangerous. Scared at first, she ran, but she soon saw that Renamon was her strength and needed her ally back. This took the pair on a new journey with both embraced their true inner-core and accepting their weaknesses and turning them into strengths, allowing the to Bio-Merge Digivolve.

Renamon - Renamon was the first female Digimon to ever reach Mega Level - this makes her special alone. However when you look at her as a Digimon, it is hard not to admit that she is actually one of the strongest partner Digimon ever. With an inner-discipline never before seen in a Digimon, she fights with pure beauty and grace. Her calm persona is what allowed Rika to accept herself, and the pair become one of the strongest duos in Digimon history.

4. Gabumon & Matt.

Matt and Gabumon
Matt and Gabumon

The original 'cool dude' and his quiet partner, Matt and Gabumon were the cool center of the original Digidestined. Always ready to pull out the harmonica, the pair have jammed their way through more than one crisis. From insecurities to adolescent issues to learning the art of friendship, the pair have had plenty to challenge them through their journey.

Matt - While cool and collected, he has one trigger that sets his calm surface rumbling - and that is Tai. The pair are a classic case of being two sides of the same coin. Eager to keep his younger brother (T.K) safe, he had to learn to trust in others around him and it was not an easy trait for him to learn. With him and T.K living separately, their journey in the Digital World allowed Matt to act as the big brother. As they have gotten older, the brothers have a new bond and Matt trusts in T.K's judgement. However, Matt can still have the odd scuffle with Tai.

Gabumon - Gabumon is perhaps the second quietest Digimon ever, after Kamemon. However, whenever he had something to say it tended to be profound and full of wisdom. He is utterly devoted to Matt and was even willing to destroy Tai's partner Digimon under Matt's orders. Gabumon also holds a close friendship to Patamon and will do whatever he can to protect T.K, as he knows if anything were to happen to T.K it would break Matt's heart. Gabumon was the first to ever DNA Digivolve along with Agumon to Omnimon.

3. Gatomon & Kari.

Kari and Gatomon
Kari and Gatomon

Even if their meeting was postponed, this duo are one of the most popular in the Digimon franchise. Both Kari and Gatomon have been on a wild ride, and both represent pure light. Together they have faced true darkness, but never lost the light within them and their friends.

Kari - Kari joined the group late, but despite this she arrived with a bang. This bang propelled Kari on a wild journey, where she has overcome many obstacles that would normally break a young girl. She has been crowned "Queen Kari" by the Numemon, freed a race from evil through the power of her touch and she has been the reason many have joined the fight. Kari and Gatomon hold a close partnership with T.K and Patamon, which saw them join the second team of Digidestined. Now in Digimon Adventures Tri. she is a respectful teenager who speaks her mind clearly and concisely. She is also a true beauty, as all her brother's (Tai's) football team have a crush on her.

Gatomon - Gatomon is a unique Digimon for various reasons. The first being, she was the first partner Digimon to work for evil. It wasn't until she met Kari and awoke feelings hidden deep inside of her that she turned on her master and fought for good. Secondly, she is the first Digimon partner to not be at base Rookie Level. Gatomon is a Champion Level Digimon, where all the others in Digimon Adventures, 02 & Tri. are all Rookie. Finally, she is also the only Champion Level Digimon with the ability to Armor Digivolve. So while she looks small, this cat has sharp claws.

2. Wormmon & Ken.

Ken and Wormmon
Ken and Wormmon

Ken and Wormmon both had to make this list, purely for the fact that Ken is the first ever Digidestined to work for evil. The pair have been to dark places that no other Digidestined has ever experienced before, or since.

Ken - As mentioned, Ken was the first ever "Dark-Digidestined" but this is not the only sadness to his story. He is the first Digidestined to also have a childhood trauma truly effect them. When he was a child, his older brother Sam was killed after being hit by a car. This is the what allowed evil to get its claws into Ken. This is why Ken is worthy of spot number two, as he has a story unlike any other from Digimon that is rooted in sadness and darkness. We also may be about to find out what happened to Ken in Digimon Adventures Tri. as his Digivice can clearly be seen in the trailer for the next movie.

Wormmon - I do not think there is a single Digimon fan that does not love Wormmon. He is perhaps the gentlest soul of all Digimon seen in the franchise. All he wants is for Ken to be happy, and this even led him to follow Ken as he played Digimon Emperor. When he sacrificed himself and died in Ken's arms, every fan cried out and prayed Ken would find Wormmon once again. When he returned he didn't just return, but struck back with the ability to Digivolve into the fast Stingmon. Wormmon is the only Digimon partner from the second team of Digidestined that has never Armor Digivolved, despite having the ability to do so.

1. Agumon & Tai.

Tai and Agumon
Tai and Agumon

You can not do a 'Top Ten Digimon and their Partners' without including the original dynamic duo. Tai and Agumon were the original front 'men' of the franchise and were at the center of every battle. The pair have never lost faith in each other and only ever needed the other by their side to feel indestructible.

Tai - While he can be a tad reckless, he's the strong and brave leader of the original Digidestined. Over the course of Digimon Adventures we saw a young boy take charge of a group of scared kids and lead them with his courage. Digimon Adventures 02 saw him turn into a teenager that was ready to pass the torch to the next generation without hesitation, demonstrating true maturity. Now in Digimon Adventures Tri. he is a young man that is beginning to question the morals behind what they do. Fans have witnessed a character change throughout the years and are now witnessing his first steps toward becoming a true adult.

Agumon - The original Agumon holds a special place in many Digimon fan's hearts. He is the first Digimon fans ever witnessed Digivolve to Champion, Ultimate and Mega Levels. He is a highly loyal Digimon and is looked up to by his fellow Digimon team members. Like Tai, he is ever ready to lead the Digimon into battle and fight the good fight. His understanding of how to relate to other beings is something that has helped them many times, like when he helped Blackwargreymon discover his true purpose in life.

Honorable Mention - Tentomon & Izzy.

Izzy and Tentomon
Izzy and Tentomon

It seemed wrong not to include this duo in the list. Izzy is definetly the brains of the original team. If Izzy had been absent from the team they would have failed numerous times in figuring out the secrets to lead them to victory. Along with Tentomon to support his needs, he is a classic case of a nerdy child blossoming into something great.

Izzy - With a sharp mind, Izzy has aided the Digidestined in cracking numerous puzzles, including the combination code to unlock the Digital Gate that allowed them to travel between worlds. As the adventure has continued, his mind has only gotten sharper. Now in Digimon Adventures Tri. he is on the verge of unlocking the secret behind the mysterious virus causing Digimon to rampage and what is behind it all.

Tentomon - Quiet, yet ever ready to speak up when the time is needed. Tentomon has never wavered in his belief in Izzy. He has always believed Izzy had more to offer than just his skills with a computer and been the voice that Izzy has needed to hear to believe that himself. This faith and bond is set to see Tentomon reach his Mega Level in the next Digimon Adventures Tri. movie, which will surely see Izzy crack the puzzle behind their latest mystery.

Final Thoughts...

To be honest, you could write a list of the top 20 Digimon and their partners, but this 10 seemed the most fitting to make the list. Each one either took the first steps towards fans seeing something or where simply stand out characters from the digi-pack. The next question is...which of their foes were the toughest?

Which Digimon and their partner is your favorite? Do you think any of these should not have made the list?


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