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Kendra Saunders was first introduced on The Flash as an employee at Jitters and love interest for Cisco. From there, her character went a long way. She began to remember her past and learn about her powers thanks to the help of Hawkman.

She then joined the Legends and became a series regular on Legends of Tomorrow. However, in the season finale, Kendra and Carter flew off to do their own thing. However, that does not mean that The Flash's upcoming adaptation of Flashpoint won't affect them.

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Hawkgirl In DC Comics' Flashpoint

Hawkgirl had a much smaller role in DC's Flashpoint than some other characters from Legends of Tomorrow such as Captain Cold. Hawkgirl pledged allegiance to the Amazonians, who were the main antagonists in the Flashpoint storyline. Later, she became a part of the Furies — a group of women superheroes and supervillains loyal to Wonder Woman and the Amazonians. Many of these women include Katana, Vixen, and the Huntress — all of whom appeared on Arrow.

Hawkgirl and the Furies planned to attack the Resistance, a group of people put together by Grifter in attempt to end the war between the Amazonians and the Atlanteans. When the Furies attacked the Resistance, Hawkgirl met her fate and was stabbed by Grifter in the chest with a trench knife.

What This Means For Hawkgirl In Legends of Tomorrow

The way Hawkgirl will be affected in the Arrow-verse will be very different than the comics. The way the TV shows are covering Flashpoint is distinctive; there won't be a war between anyone and Europe will not be flooded. Instead, the origins of the characters we already met on The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and quite possibly Supergirl will be distorted.

We don't know a lot about how the shows are going to handle Flashpoint. Therefore, it's really hard to tell how a character such as Kendra will be affected. However, she will most likely play a villainous role — if she even has one. If she does end up appearing in this alternate timeline, it wouldn't surprise me if she had minimal amount screen time.

If I had to guess Hawkgirl's role in TV's "Flashpoint" storyline, I would have to say she will be some sort of assassin and appear on Legends of Tomorrow. She could be hired by the villain to hunt down the Legends. Like the Flash, the Legends might have some memory of the original timeline and their goal would be to fix it. Therefore, when they see Hawkgirl in her evil form, they won't want to hurt her.

What do you guys think? How will Hawkgirl be affected by Flashpoint? Tell me below!


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