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It's been two years since the sexiest vampire show on TV, True Blood, met its inevitable true death. Seven fangtastic years and a dedicated legion of fang-loving Truebies weren't enough for a revival or a spin-off (still rooting for New Blood).

Now though, it's as if our True Blood dreams came true - if Broadway would really be doing bad things with us by bringing the campy, sexy and bloody show to the stage. Currently it's still in workshop stage, but if things go well - it might meet us when the sun goes down. Even the author herself confirmed this via Facebook:

If you've heard rumors about "True Blood" the musical, they're accurate. I heard about this literally years ago, but figured the project had been abandoned. But no! We'll see if it makes it to the stage. At present, it's in workshopping stage.

Nathan Barr - who composed the original score for True Blood - is also involved, and it's rumored that the original showrunner and series creator Alan Ball will have a hand in production as well.

Since it's still in workshopping stage, it's too early to tell whether this will be based off or continued from the show (we'll likely not see much of Bill, if that were the case) or loosely based on Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels, or both.

And now, without further ado, here are the things I'd love to see, should a True Blood musical come out of the coffin inside the producers' heads.

1. The Depth of Sookie and Eric's Relationship

When Bill came in, the air went out. Of course, I would love to see all Sookie and Bill moments in the True Blood musical, but much more than that, I would die to see more of Sookie and Eric's relationship in whatever visual medium. I just hope that the playwright is on board !

In the series, we were treated to so much of Sookie and Eric's whirlwind romance. It happened after the events of Sookie's disappearance to Fairyland (known as Faerie). When she got back a year later (15 minutes in her time really), she discovered that Bill is the new Vampire King of Louisiana and her house has been bought by Eric Northman. Due to being cursed by Marnie Stonebrook (the local witch), Eric lost his memory. Innocent and vulnerable Eric Northman is what led Sookie to realize that underneath that cool and calculating demeanor, Eric Northman has a heart, and his empathy is not just restricted to those near and dear to him.

In the books, we get to see much more than roughly a couple of weeks of romance. They actually had been husband and wife (in Vampire law). It took longer for them to get to that married status, but it would be fangtastic to see a SooRic romance in Broadway with all the singing, emotional depth, and just their overall tandem. They were good partners.

And good Godric, I hope they cast actors who are on par with Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård, in terms of acting chops and overall hotness.

2. Vampire Politics

Another thing we're dying to see is vampire politics, or supernatural politics in general. Bon Temps is such a peculiar place to live in. Probably 90% of the population fraternize with supernatural entities- or are supernatural themselves!

The show gave us a glimpse of how messy supernatural politics could be and how odd and disgusting their rites could be. Even if the Broadway interpretation will limit the scope to just Bon Temps or its neighboring states, it would be a delight to see. The books also introduced us to many vampire leaders far more menacing than Sophie-Anne, Russell Edgington, and Roman Zimojic, and those fangers would be a sight to behold and be terrified by!

3. Faes

Evil fairies trapping Sookie
Evil fairies trapping Sookie

Sookie's heritage was glossed over in Seasons 4-6 - so much so, that casual viewers often forgot just how important it really is. She's a descendant of Niall Brigant - a Fae Prince - and that's a huge deal.

One of my favorite books, Dead and Gone (Book 9) even had Sookie killing a fae who was tasked to abduct her. These motherfuckers are amongst the most powerful supernatural creatures in the books, and being a Fairy Princess, Sookie was stuck in the middle of the Faerie war. I hope that if a Broadway adaptation of True Blood is really coming, they show the badassery of Sookie's side of the family (Were-Panther Jason, even). I mean, how wicked would it be if we get a bunch of faes horrifyingly revealing their goblin-like true selves? Or some songs about harvesting humans with fae blood to increase their population, or something of the like? Watch the video below and see what I mean!

4. Lafayette

I really have no other reason than I just love Lafayatte. Though Lala was killed off early in the books, he wasn't in the TV series - and he even had a boyfriend in the end! He seems happy, and boy do I hope he's still cookin' up delicious meals in Bellefleur's (formerly Merlotte's). Now, if they could get Nelsan Ellis to portray the sassy, fine-ass cook again, that would be just great!

5. New Kick-Ass Characters

Vampires. All kinds of Weres. Faes. Whatever kind of supernatural or human as batshit crazy as Sarah Newlin. We were deprived of awesome characters in the TV series.

I don't know about humans and their natural attraction to danger, but it was certainly heart-thumping and adrenaline-inducing to read chapters in the books with all these new characters. Bubba, Quinn, Diantha, Felipe, Viktor- readers would definitely pay good money to see these characters on Broadway! Even non-readers would love these guys!

All in all I have to say, there were parts of the books and TV series that are absolute must-sees in the Broadway musical, and certain storylines (Hep-V vamps, anyone?) which I think shouldn't make the cut. Either way, a completely original story would be a-ok with me too, and should it prove to be a fangtastic success, I wouldn't mind draining my bank account dry to see fangers, fangbangers, and all things that go bump in the night in True Blood: The Musical

The question now though:

What else would you love to see in True Blood Broadway, and do you think a musical is fangtastic idea?


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