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Game shows have always been a staple in everyone's TV watching lives, whether it was watching Wipeout with your family over the summer or catching Wheel of Fortune with your grandparents.

But one of the funniest and longest running game shows still on the air — celebrating its 40th anniversary this week — is Family Feud. The show that pits two families against one another to try and determine what 100 people answered on a survey has had a number of hosts over the years, beginning with Richard Dawson in the show's original run, followed by Ray Combs, Louie Anderson, Richard Karn, John O'Hurley and now Steve Harvey.

Even with the show being pre-taped and having great hosts to help guide the action, there have always been a few goofs that the producers have left in to give the audience some laughs. To celebrate the Feud's anniversary, let's take a look at some of the most hilarious moments throughout its history.

Richard Dawson

Richard Dawson was a phenomenal host for the entertaining show, not only because of his energetic nature but also because he never shied away from a truly funny moment and just reacted as he saw fit.

Some of the best moments include Dawson falling to the floor in reaction to the answer of a "duck" showing up with double digit points, not being able to give a player a Fast Money question because he was still laughing from the previous guess, and having to deal with not one, but two Fast Money players with the worst answers possible. Here's a compilation of some of the best Dawson-hosted moments:

Ray Combs

Ray Combs had a pretty good run on the show as host, working on the show for six years before Dawson returned to the show for the second time. While Combs didn't have quite the streak for bringing out the humor as Dawson did, there was a great moment in which he decided to prank one of the contestants during the Fast Money round by having him go through the same round of questioning, even though the first family member got the appropriate amount of points to win already. Here's a look at the moment:

Louie Anderson

Louie Anderson is one of the most underrated hosts on Family Feud, due to his run being the shortest as he was let go and replaced with Richard Karn. However, Anderson brought plenty of his stand-up comedy wit to the show. One of the best moments was when he became part of one of the most memorable wins in the show's history and still had fun with the contestants while doing so. Here's the crazy comeback:

Richard Karn

Richard Karn is my second favorite host behind Steve Harvey. Karn began his hosting run in 2002, around the time I first started watching, and I basically grew up with him being my primary host. He was always funny in his interactions with both the guests and the audiences, and was just an all-around fun guy to watch on the series.

Among the memorable interactions and funny answers with the guests, he was best known for his sign-offs, improvising a quick joke right before the camera panned away and the screen faded to black. Here's a compilation of some of his funniest moments, as well as some of his best improvised sign-offs:

John O'Hurley

O'Hurley with former LA Laker Dwight Howard.
O'Hurley with former LA Laker Dwight Howard.

John O'Hurley, most notable for playing J. Peterman on Seinfeld, is often considered the forgotten host of Family Feud, even though he was on the show for about four years. O'Hurley was a fun host that begged some comparisons to Dawson, but was a little more serious in his demeanor. In his four years, he had plenty of funny moments and interactions with the guests. Here's a compilation of some of the best moments:

Steve Harvey

Now, call me a new generationalist, but Steve Harvey is hands-down my favorite host of Family Feud. I don't know if the casting department has made it so that stranger families get TV time or if it's just the questions have made it easier for there to be bizarre answers, but the show has reached its funniest level yet.

Harvey is able to roll with the punches and make the answers even funnier, whether it's by pointing out the flaws in them or having a laugh at the guests for even thinking up their guesses in the first place. Steve Harvey's run on the show is growing stronger with every season, each one adding new hilarious moments ranging from guessing the answer is "male genitals" to not even being able to understand what the contestant is shouting about. Here's a compilation of some of the best Steve Harvey moments on the show:

Who is your favorite Family Feud host? What are some of your favorite funny moments from the show? What are some of your fondest memories for the show?


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