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"Sometimes great possibilities are right in front of us, and we don't see them because we choose not to" - Barry Allen
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Those reading this (and nearly everyone on this planet) must know the popular 35-year-old Hollywood actor Chris Evans. You may know him as the faithful Captain America, but either way, you know who I'm talking about. Ever since his first appearance as Captain America graced the silver screen in 2011, Marvel fans everywhere (especially those obsessed with the MCU in particular) have appreciated the acting skills of this captivating character. Now declaring that he is going into directing after his Marvel career ends (let's just hope it extends), he still remains a favorite from the MCU. And why, one might ask, do we adore such an actor?

1. He's Captain America

As mentioned before, Chris Evans is the patriotic and righteous Captain America of the MCU. Since 2011, he has portrayed this beloved character in multiple Marvel films, including: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), The Avengers (2012), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), and Captain America: Civil War (2016). People all over the world know that he's this dutiful leader, and though he is a man out of his time, he tries hard to do his best. Evans portrays this role very powerfully.

Looking at interviews, its almost an ironic contrast between Cap and his Evans's own attitude. Which, in my opinion, only proves him to be such a strong actor. But even more so, a provocative human being.

2. He's Got Musical Talent!

In my opinion, the best addition to an actor (and what I believe all actors must have a bit of) is musical talent. Perhaps not the best singer in the crowd, but it is always inspiring to watch someone try their best to perform their job well. Since actors are entertainers, Evans has fulfilled that role. Besides playing a striving artist in What's Your Number? (2011), Evans has also sung off screen. Oh, he plays piano too. I mean, who doesn't love the combination of good looks and musical talent, right?

3. He's Got The Looks

Hey, let's all get serious for a moment. His exterior was inevitably going to be added to this list, so let's throw out some appreciation to this attractive Adonis. Multiple times throughout the films we've been blessed by the enticing view of this beautiful man. And thank you, Hollywood, for that blessing.

Even Agent Carter couldn't resist him
Even Agent Carter couldn't resist him

Being Captain America and all, and simply being Chris Evans, I guess he's kind of expected to be totally fit and highly attractive. Of course, it is only an addition to his alluring personality.


4. A Hilarious Personality

Contrary to his popular character, Evans is actually a really witty guy. I'd like to classify him as the occasional frat boy but full-time sweetheart. Looking at interviews with the other "Avengers," you'll see that he's the guy that just really wants to have fun — a night out, or anything like that. I mean, according to the other Avengers, Evans is the "after-hours" guy.

So we know that he's the fun one of the group, despite the fact that he plays the most "serious" character in the whole Avenger team. With a personality like that, you can see that he's a guy that everyone can eventually come to love, or utterly adore from the first joke. I mean, most guys that joke around like that can secretly have a soft side, in my opinion. In all cases, this simply adds to our astound love for Chris Evans.

And here we have him scaring Scarlett
And here we have him scaring Scarlett

5. He's An Utter Softie

So we've approached the exterior and manlier side of this marvelous man, now its time to appreciate his softer side. Yes, Chris Evans may be a huge hunk, but the guy is an utter softie. It may not appear as so, but then again, anyone can surprise anybody. Like for example, when Evans goes to a panel or a promotion for the movies and sees a baby, its like when you're on a "diet" but you see that one piece of chocolate just sitting there and tempting you: You simply can't resist.


Besides his profound love for babies, Evans contributes plenty of time to children who are ill. His most regular visit would be to the Boston's Children's Hospital whenever he is in town. He tries his best to spend time with kids who are fighting illnesses, and confesses that truly has a soft spot for children. Also, after a bet with Chris Pratt, Evans dressed up as his character Captain America and visited the Seattle Children's Hospital.

Chris and Chris visiting the Seattle Children's H.
Chris and Chris visiting the Seattle Children's H.

With his love for children, Evans also confessed that he is in fact a romantic. Well, maybe not confessed, but if you do watch Before We Go, which is a film that he starred in and also directed, you will understand that this man is a natural romantic. Here's an interview just to support that point:

6. A True Family Guy

Naturally stemming from his soft spots for children and being an utter romantic, I think we can all have a vague assumption that he's close to his family. Well, he is. I mean, I did show you a video of him and his brother singing together.

I mean, he's a complete mama's boy, that's for sure. For the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Evans did not only bring one date, or two, but three dates to the movie premiere. Now I'm not talking about three leggy models, I mean he brought his mother and his two sisters as his dates, which in my opinion, is even better! Come on, you can't really get more family guy than that!


7. Evans Is A Disney Fanatic

Without a doubt, this adds to his adorable-ness. Yes, our hunky hero is also a huge Disney fanatic. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he revealed that he basically knows all the lyrics to many of Disney's most popular films, particularly The Little Mermaid. Well, he is as dreamy as a Disney prince isn't he? Either way, this revelation undeniably adds to the "We Love Chris Evans" points.

8. The Undeniable Gentlemen

Speaking of Disney prince, looks like chivalry is not dead with Mr. Evans. In all honesty, the list is adding up to be pretty good, showing off just how incredible a guy Chris Evans really is.

Here's some points to prove his gentlemanly-ness:

  • He assisted Betty White for the People's Choice Awards
  • Lent a hand to Scarlett Johannson (then again they are great friends)
  • And Kristen Bell for the Kid's Choice Awards
  • He brought his mother to the Oscars (lucky her!)
  • And he even swept up some of the mess on the Avengers set
Chris Evans and Betty White
Chris Evans and Betty White

9. A Modest Fellow

Surprisingly, the first time Chris Evans was offered the role of Captain America after succeeding a screen-test, he was reluctant. He basically turned it down. Now you're probably wondering why the hell would anyone deny the role of such a huge superhero. Well, it was just that. Not only was the history and legacy of Captain America a huge role to take on, but he had never been offered such a huge contract by a movie company.

"I was scared. 'Cause at first it was some nine-picture contract and there are parts of me that have a little bit of social anxiety with this industry. And doing movies one at a time, if all of a sudden you decide you don't want to do them anymore, you're afforded the opportunity to take a step back and recalibrate. When you have a giant contract, if all of a sudden you're not responding well — too bad, you've got to suit up again. That was scary."

Evans was scared of taking such a big role. That right there is modesty, and its being honest. This characteristic stands out on Evans, because its not what you expect his actual personality to be like at all. He's conservative of his job, and its nice to know that he is. Evans isn't afraid to show his fears. He's proving that he's human (which is literally what he says).

10. He's Got Flaws, Too, And Is Working To Become Better

On Jimmy Kimmel, Evans wasn't afraid or ashamed to say that he was reluctant about taking on such a huge role. He needed reassurance and support from his family and friends to just make sure that he was able to do it. I don't know too many men of such a high position (in terms of Hollywood acting, since Evans is really popular) who are freely willing to confess that they are afraid of taking on a role, or that they needed support. Chris is proving that he's human, and he's not afraid to show his weaknesses.


Something that really surprised me was that Evans confessed to having a serious anxiety disorder. To be more specific, a social anxiety disorder. He is among 15 million people who suffer from this in America. Evans claimed that the anxiety would really start to step off as soon as he would have to go to big premieres, or when his feet would touch the red carpet. The confession of his anxiety truly came out with an interview with The Rolling Stone, where they even asked his mother and dear friend, Scarlett Johansson:

“It’s funny, he’s extremely easygoing, he loves to hang out, he loves to be around people—but whenever we do a premiere, or he has to be in the fray in some work-related context, he’s terrified.”

It turns out that it was something that affected him from a young age, and something that he needed serious coaxing with when it happened. His mother, Lisa Evans adds:

“Sometimes I say, ‘Get out of there, honey. Get out of your head. Come out here with the rest of us. It’s really nice out here.’ But this is who he’s been since he was a little boy."

Turns out Evans is a bit more edgy than we thought. As we all know, there is always more to someone beneath their appearance. Regarding his anxiety, when he accepted the role of Captain, he had to join intense therapy in order to cope with the sudden fame. As you know he portrayed Johnny Blaze in Fantastic Four (2005), well it turns out that he had a "full meltdown" during the promotion.

Evans as Johnny Blaze
Evans as Johnny Blaze

Despite his whole hunky experience and attitude, Chris seems really in touch with his "mindful" side. Turns out that he confided that one thing he really is looking for is true happiness, which many of us forget to pursue. He has asserts that he likes reading self-help books in his spare time and often reads topics related to mindfulness. With his anxiety issue, he's said that he has a tap dance floor installed in the basement of his house, since his mom was a former professional dancer. He tap dances to work through anxiety. On Ellen, he doesn't necessarily tap dance, but here are his dancing skills:

Working in Hollywood as an actor, one issue that both men and women will be met with is image. One of the points I mentioned before was that Chris is a very attractive guy, which is so true on plenty of levels. Actors in Hollywood need to be able to cope with the fact that they are basically being watched all the time, in good times and bad ones (courtesy of the press, of course). Chris confesses that he has acknowledged this and is aware of the pressure. Thankfully, he has gained enough awareness through positive psychology to know how to completely tune out the negative effects of that horrid pressure. He knows that men have always been pressured to look a certain way, and he tries to not let it get to his head too much.

I think that there's so much that we can learn from Chris. Based on these points, we now know that there's more to Chris Evans than just another pretty face. Its the fact that despite being a super soldier, he doesn't perceive himself as some type of Greek hero; nope, he sees himself as just another guy. Doesn't appear narcissistic. That's something we can all learn, especially coming from a very popular Hollywood actor. The fact that he presents himself as just another human being is something that definitely makes us love him so much more.

Thumbs up!
Thumbs up!

Forever A Favorite

There is without a doubt so many more reasons to adore and appreciate the wonderful Chris Evans, these 10 are just a few . One thing for sure is that we will always want Chris to remain as Cap for as long as he can go, hopefully he'll be there when the Marvel Cinematic Universe flourishes out even more and reveals so many more beloved and highly anticipated characters. So whoever runs into Chris Evans just walking down the street, make sure you remind him of just how much we love him!


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