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Earlier today, exclusively learned that actor John Barrowman struck a new deal with The CW that will make of him a series regular, not only on Arrow but across all DC TV shows, except Supergirl.

This new contract is the second of the kind after Captain Cold's interpret, Wentworth Miller, signed a similar deal at the end of the first season of Legends Of Tomorrow. This new status could factor into the story that will cause the four-way crossover between all DC shows at the end of the year, and is excellent news for the character of Malcolm Merlyn.

During season three and four, I had a couple of issues with the way Malcolm's role was handled on Arrow (among many other things), and thought that the character was poorly used this past two years. From criminal mastermind, Malcolm became more and more predictable, taking poor decisions while switching allegiances every five episodes. I had hoped his scene at the end of the Arrow/The Flash crossover would factor into the main plot of Legends first season, but it never happened.

This trend began when Merlyn used his own daughter to kill Sara and then pushed Oliver to face against Ra's-Al-Ghul, in a fight he should have known the Arrow wouldn't win. In season four, his role became even more blurry, moving from ally to foe in a matter of episodes. This continual inconsistency did a great disservice to a once great character.

That is why this news is great in the first place. When you're telling a story, every character, and especially a villain as complicated as Malcolm, needs a purpose. Barrowman's new status in the Arrowverse implies that his character will interact with every show, probably in a single storyline tied with the four-way crossover at the end of the year.

Malcolm needs to find a purpose in the Arrowverse, and The CW might have found the way to redeem a fantastic villain.

Arrow returns on Wednesday, October 5th on The CW.


Do you think Merlyn's new role in the Arrowverse is a good news for the character?


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