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Warning: The following post includes spoilers for the new Ghostbusters movie.

Paul Feig's Ghostbusters hasn't even come out yet, and it's already drawn more attention — and early criticism — than most other movies of 2016. Whether or not you're on board for the reboot, the existence of a new installment in the Ghostbusters universe poses a lot of questions.

As a reboot, the characters and storyline are largely different from the originals, but Paul Feig and Ivan Reitman were sure to pay homage to the 1984 comedy. Between the inclusion of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and cameos from cast members Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts, there are more than enough references to delight OG fans.

The new Ghostbusters take down Stay Puft.
The new Ghostbusters take down Stay Puft.

One of the biggest ties to the original, however, isn't revealed until the very end of the movie. Like most big-budget blockbusters these days, the fun doesn't stop when the credits start rolling. It's well worth sticking around to see Ghostbusters' post-credits scene, because it brings back one of the franchise's biggest villains.

After the credits close with a heartfelt tribute to the late co-creator and Egon Spengler actor Harold Ramis, we're led back into the Ghostbusters headquarters. Erin (Kristen Wiig) and Abby (Melissa McCarthy) observe one of Holtzmann's (Kate McKinnon) new inventions, while Patty (Leslie Jones) listens to an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recording.

Audiences might be quick to assume that another fart gag is on the way — given the joke from earlier in the film — but instead Patty looks puzzled and asks her teammates about the name Zuul. Those familiar with the 1984 movie will immediately recognize the name as the demigod, Gatekeeper of Gozer and primary antagonist that takes over the body of Sigourney Weaver's Dana.

This new movie similarly dealt with possession and monsters, but nothing quite like the wrath of Zuul and the Terror Dogs. For better or for worse, the inclusion of Zuul means there's potential for an even greater threat in the sequels.

At the Ghostbusters press junket, Movie Pilot was lucky enough to sit down with Feig and grill him about the mention of Zuul and whether or not there are any plans to include the character in future films.

While the director couldn't give us a concrete answer, he left the door wide open for plenty of possibilities for the future:

"You know, we're going to see how this one goes. Hopefully people will come and it will make this a successful film and then we'll take it from there. I'm one movie at a time. But to have this amazing cast and this amazing franchise is something you'd like to keep going."

To read about what this post-credits scene means for the future of the Ghostbusters franchise, be sure to check out our article here.

Ghostbusters will be released on July 15.


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