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If there's one thing Twitter is known for, it's the numerous trolls that inhabit the site. Many celebrities have suffered at the hands of trolls and others have managed to put those trolls back in their hiding places under the bridges around the world. But sometimes, the trolling can be, well, hilarious. The latest victim in just such a trolling incident is comedian-actor Seth Rogen. The @SamePhotoOfSeth Twitter account is dedicated to doing one thing and one thing only: Troll Seth Rogen. How exactly does this account manage to get under The Interview star's skin?

It Sends Seth Rogen The Same Photo Of Himself Every Single Day

The Twitter account sends the actor the same exact picture of himself once a day every single day. The photo is taken from a gif known as "Flirty Rogen" but the Twitter account has yet to comment on why they're doing this. Whenever anybody asks @SamePhotoOfSeth the obvious question, "Why?" they respond with this:

Every. Single. Time. The Twitter account also has a Facebook page aptly titled "The Same Picture Of Seth Rogen Every Day" where they do the same exact thing. Nobody knows for certain why this is happening, but my money would be that it's because its hilarious. Who doesn't love trolling celebrities? I mean, I've never done it, but if I had the time and the dedication to send the same exact photo to somebody every single day, I would probably do it.

How Long Have They Been Doing This?

The Twitter account has been sending this majestic picture of Seth Rogen to Seth Rogen since May 26th of this year. That means it's been sending the same picture for a little over seven weeks in a row! If that isn't some true dedication, then I don't know what is. However, where is the line? Is this just a dedicated fan who wants his favorite actor to acknowledge him? (And what better way than sending this glorious picture?) Or is this a crazy Twitter user who has no life? Either way, Seth Rogen did finally snap and respond.

Seth Rogen Has Replied!

After seven weeks of receiving the same (rather creepy) photo from his super fan, Seth Rogen has finally broken. Clearly, Rogen got tired of seeing the picture in his Twitter stream every day and asked the question everybody wants to know, "Who are you why are you doing this?" Will he (we) ever get an answer to this important question? The world may never know.



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