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The hype machine for Suicide Squad is going full blast, and after all, why shouldn't it be? The movie is less than a month away! But let's talk about the love connections in this film. That is why you're reading this, right?

First up, there's the obvious coupling of The Clown Princess of Crime and her Puddin' - but Joker and Harley are far from the only couple hinted at in this film so far.

What's Up with Deadshot and Harley?

The trailers for this film have shown us some rather interesting moments that occur between Deadshot and Harley, including some sideways glances at one another that could potentially be interpreted as hints toward a previous romantic spark between the two. But, based on the loose chronology of the trailers, the return(??) of the Clown Prince of Crime changed all that when he both figuratively and literally stole Harley's attention. Still, Will Smith himself stated that the sparks will be flying between Ms Quinzel and his character:

“Harley is the biggest troublemaker, but Deadshot’s actually eyeballing her a little bit [...]. There’s a pretty ragged romantic triangle there.”

There are definitely some other tender moments between Deadshot and Harley, including some images of Deadshot carrying her like a damsel in distress. It will be interesting to see Gotham's King of Comedy play a role he never has before: the awkward third wheel of a relationship. But Deadshot and Harley aren't the only ones with romantic sparks flying in this film.

Captain Boomerang Likes the Ladies

Captain Boomerang definitely has an eye on the Squad's female members - specifically Katana and Harley. We see him hitting on both women in trailers, but it's unlikely we'll actually see him hook up with either of them (especially Harley) in the course of the film. Katana doesn't seem to be overly thrilled with Boomerang's advances, as demonstrated by the fact that we see him at one point with a sword against his throat. Just a hunch, Boomerang, that probably means she's not interested.

But the most obvious relationship...

A match made in Arkham!
A match made in Arkham!

Especially with the release of Harley's character trailer, it's clear that although she pretends to be hanging with the squad, she's really working for her "puddin" all along. Joker is clearly using her as a pawn, but it's difficult to say if Harley realizes this and is ignoring it, or is legitimately being exploited. But as Margot Robbie herself said about the character...

"She's mad about him -- like, literally, mad. She's crazy. But she loves him. And it's a really unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship. But an addictive one."

However, given Harley's past as a psychiatrist, could she simply be exploiting Joker's weakness for female companionship? Once again quoting the actress herself...

"She's definitely one of the more unpredictable members of the squad. She also used to be a psychiatrist so she has an extensive knowledge of mental illnesses and how to manipulate people...I'm sorry, well, she has a lot of knowledge on how to profile people, pick their triggers, and as Harley Quinn she kind of utilizes that to just manipulate people and mess with them. And she definitely does that with the squad. She's always picking someone to be dissecting and playing off and messing with."

All this being said, there will be some crazy romantic nonsense going down in this film, but what else could we really expect from such a band of misfits? We've already got a love triangle, a self-proclaimed casanova, and a double agent who could be working for multiple interested parties. Would it be to much to ask for this film to include a scene with the Squad gathered around chanting "Deadshot and Harley, sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" before the Joker comes up and says "Go back to Bel-Air before I send you there!" as he proceeds to pull out an RPG and blast the tree out from under them? I don't think something like that would be too out of place in a film like this.

But the real question is, what do YOU want to see in Suicide Squad? Sound off in the comments below!


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