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Since news of CBS' Supergirl moving from CBS to the CW broke, fans have been speculating on how Supergirl will be integrated into the collective DC universe deemed the Flash/Arrow-verse. We've only witnessed one instance of a crossover between The Flash and Supergirl wherein Barry Allen a.k.a. the Flash wound up in an alternate universe where Supergirl exists, but it seems like more's to come in regards to crossover potential between the two series.

There has to be more to Supergirl moving from CBS over to the CW than just televised scheduling, the move was likely intended for Supergirl to take a part in the collective universe formed around Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. However, that point is entirely speculative for the moment. But with the move of Supergirl over to the CW potentially creating the basis for more crossover opportunities like the ones shared between Arrow and The Flash, it's plausible that an entire universe of DC heroes and villains will be assembled in a televised medium similar to what is currently happening within the DCEU as we move closer and closer to the premiere of Justice League (2018).

But more importantly, the move of Supergirl over to the CW network in its Season 2 premiere could be hinting at the entirety of DC's televised series colliding in one magnanimous concoction at some point in the near future. By that I mean Supergirl may not be the only DC television series moving to the CW. Gotham could be the next series to move over to the CW network.

How Gotham Can Crossover With The Flash In A Realistic Medium

Gotham is the last remaining DC television series outside of the CW network since Supergirl has officially made its move. And while we don't expect 20th Century Fox — the media company behind the Fox network, which hosts Gotham to make an agreement with the CW to move Gotham over as well — there may be hope in regards to crossover potential between Gotham and the rest of DC's televised series.

Nothing is currently in the works in terms of crossover events between Gotham and Arrow or The Flash, but in the highly unlikely scenario that Gotham does intersect with The Flash or Arrow, Season 3 of The Flash could perfectly tie-in a crossover event including Gotham and Supergirl.

Flashpoint May Be The Key To Introducing Gotham To The Flash

Season 3 of The Flash is set to kick off the Flashpoint Paradox event, which will depict the world of The Flash in a light which we have yet to witness. We've already seen Barry Allen a.k.a. the Flash travel between alternate Earths, but we've yet to see him in the famously known Flashpoint universe, wherein everything has changed drastically due to Barry Allen altering the past (see the video below):

And this unseen universe could be the key to interweaving elements from Gotham with The Flash and Arrow while at the same time, not interfering with the current storyline of Gotham.

The Flashpoint universe could be utilized as a branching off point between the universe created around Gotham and The Flash to unite the world of Batman with the Flash. The Flashpoint Paradox event is one of DC Comics's most famous stories, which intersects the lives of the Flash with Batman (but not the Batman we know).

In the Flashpoint universe of DC Comics, Batman is actually Thomas Wayne instead of Bruce Wayne. Within the Flashpoint universe, Joe Chill, the man responsible for killing Martha and Thomas Wayne actually kills Bruce instead of Thomas or Martha, and that event pushes Thomas Wayne into becoming Batman — a more violent, ruthless Batman unlike the one portrayed by Bruce Wayne in most of his comic-book iterations, along with Martha Wayne becoming the iteration of the Joker in the Flashpoint universe. Batman's place in the Flashpoint universe is pivotal to the progression of the story, and while no word has been released in regards to whether or not Thomas Wayne a.k.a. Batman will make his first appearance on The Flash, there's an opportunity for Thomas Wayne to believably jump out of Gotham into The Flash.

Thomas and Martha mourn for Bruce Wayne.
Thomas and Martha mourn for Bruce Wayne.

Thomas Wayne's Pivotal Role In Flashpoint Universe Could Place His Character On The Flash

Now we know that Thomas Wayne is dead on Gotham but in the Flashpoint universe he's not. The prospect of an undead Thomas Wayne could plausibly place him in a crossover event with The Flash without having to interfere with the current storyline on Gotham. Not only would the entire Flashpoint story arc be depicted on The Flash with Thomas Wayne being introduced during Season 3 of The Flash but it would present the ideal opportunity for Fox and the CW network to unite their respective series into one collective universe. Although, that opportunity may never arise.

Thomas and Martha Wayne executed on "Gotham".
Thomas and Martha Wayne executed on "Gotham".

The idea of Gotham intersecting with The Flash would probably be seen as a farce in the eyes of 20th Century Fox, but we can always hope for the crossover event of the century to happen at some point. However, we don't know what the future may hold in terms of crossover events between Gotham and The Flash — there could be something already planned out in the near future (or nothing at all). We'll just have to wait for Season 3 of The Flash to premiere in order to find out if elements of the Batman-mythos will be integrated into the Flashpoint story arc featured in Season 3 of The Flash. Who knows, maybe the final moments of the Flashpoint story arc will include an Easter Egg from Gotham hinting at a future crossover event?

What do you think? Should Gotham be the next DC television series to crossover with The Flash and Arrow? Or should their universes remain separate? Have any thoughts, leave them in the comments section below.


Should Thomas Wayne a.k.a. Batman have a place in the 'Flashpoint' universe of 'The Flash'?

Flashpoint Universe, DC' Comics
Flashpoint Universe, DC' Comics

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