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While screwball comedies like this can be hit or miss, it is apparent that cinemas will still be receiving a few of them each year. Throughout the years, comedies have been known as the most subjective genre in film. Some great comedies find a small minority who bash the film for being unfunny and vice versa. While Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is by no means a comedic masterpiece, it definitely proves that there are still laughs to be had in the comedy genre. Most comedies nowadays focus on sex jokes. While that was funny about ten years ago when Seth Rogan (and company) was breaking out into the Hollywood scene, it seems to be getting slightly stale. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates does follow a portion of that formula, but it also manages to be a pretty fresh comedy on it's own.

The Benefit of a Great Cast

Zac Efron has always been a talented actor in my opinion and Adam Devine has been growing on me over the past few years, through Workaholics and his appearances in the Pitch Perfect films. Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza are great as best friends in this film, but I found myself scratching my head at why they would ever want to make the decisions they make throughout the course of this film. Maybe that is due to the fact that they are great, but were probably miscast in these particular roles. I will say that Zac Efron's chemistry with Anna Kendrick was very believable and I bought into their character arcs more than anyone else in the picture. Sadly, I felt the exact opposite about the chemistry between Devine and Plaza.

While they both seem to be having fun and giving it their all in these roles, I really do not think they were a great match-up. The way they acted around each other felt very childish and almost cartoon-like. Although their performances were incredibly over-the-top, the film was so insane that I began to forgive it. Completely driven by characters, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates would honestly not work as a film without likeable lead actors. Thankfully, it benefits from just that, elevating the streamline plot is undeniably has.

A Streamline Plot That Works

Following Mike and Dave as they are requested to bring dates to their sisters wedding, they search for two women that would fit the bill. Bumping into the perfect pair, they bring them to Hawaii and hilarity ensues. That is really about as much plot this film delivers, and while that would normally be a bad thing, the scenarios and cast keep this film afloat. Based loosely on the true story of two guys posting an ad on Craigslist, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates turns a funny gag into an entire 90-minute romp. I really enjoyed myself while watching this film.

With quite a few gut-busters, character development, a good enough premise, and a cast that you can undeniably enjoy, this is a film that I can highly recommend to adults who want to sit back and enjoy a few belly laughs. While it does not break any new ground and has a plot as basic as they come, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates was very pleasant surprise.

Rating: 3.5/5

Review By: KJ Proulx


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