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With the film hitting theaters in a matter of weeks, it is no shock that news on Suicide Squad is becoming more and more apparent. Earlier this week actress Margot Robbie talked about Harley Quinn and how her character would have a gymnastic background. Following this news was additional content for Suicide Squad — including new images as well as the film's international trailer. The latest from the blockbuster deals with another principal character to the film: Deadshot (Will Smith). In a interview with Entertainment Weekly, Smith explained to readers why he decided to take the role of Floyd Lawton. Among Smith's reasoning was a chance to work with director David Ayer, but the actor had another reason why he wanted to play the infamous assassin.

"I had never played a character that legitimately didn’t give a f—,” says Smith of the nihilist assassin he portrays in the movie. “It’s very freeing not having to carry the moral spine of the movie."

In his career Will Smith has played a variety of different characters, but the actor has never had a chance to play a character who is labeled as a villain, let alone playing a character such as Deadshot. Smith's decision to play this world-class sniper was definitely a bold one, but his reasoning certainly makes sense. With so many roles under his belt it seems likely that Smith wanted to try something new. Not only does the role of Deadshot give Will Smith a chance to be different (possibly squaring off against Batman), but this role could help Smith to break away from the character types that he is accustomed to. Then again, Smith's success as Deadshot remains to be seen as the actor's performance can only be gauged when Suicide Squad hits theaters.

The factors behind the upcoming superhero film seem to be getting more and more interesting. In this case though, the upcoming blockbuster provides the likes of Will Smith with new opportunities. Hopefully Smith's choice to play this famous supervillain pays off, and if it does, perhaps will see more villainous roles from the actor in future films — or maybe we will just see Smith continue to play Deadshot in later DC movies.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5th.

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