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The summer season has never been the prime time for the premiere of new and worthwhile shows but that may no longer be the case. Networks and streaming services are now releasing shows sporadically throughout the year, a method used in the hopes to gain viewers by increasing their seasonal schedules. One show that has been in the works for quite some time much to fans dismay, would be that of Preacher. Rumored to be in a film development then an HBO project, finally got the greenlight. The story centers around a small-town preacher by the name of Jesse Custer. The premise way not sound too intense but throw in a dark, violent past, a crazy cast of characters, and a supernatural element and you will be instantly sucked in. And now that Game of Thrones is done for the season, your Sunday nights just opened up!

1. Based On A Comic Book

Following the success of the The Walking Dead, AMC jumped at the idea for a project involving another comic book series. Preacher was published by Vertigo, a company under DC Comics, and lasted from 1995 to 2000. There were 75 issues in total including the monthly issues, five specials, and four Saint of Killers issues. Created by writer Garth Ennis and illustrated by artist Steve Dillon, the series following Jesse Custer through misadventures has provided a large amount of content that could be adapted into the TV version. One would assume the show resulted in a resurgence of sales for the comic book series.

2. Seth Rogen's Involvement

When the AMC show was announced, one name involved in the project may have made you make a double take, Seth Rogen? Yes, that same Seth Rogen alongside his childhood pal Evan Goldberg developed the TV series. Rogen and Goldberg have worked together on past movies such as Superbad, Pineapple Express, This is the End, and The Interview. The two directed the pilot episode and serve as executive producers on the series. The modern humor of Rogen can definitely be identified in certain scenes and dialogue within the show. The first season will run 10 episodes and the series has already been renewed for a 13 episode second season. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon also serve as executive producers on the show for that close to the comic connection for any fans wary of TV adaptations.

3. Dominic Cooper Stars As The Lead

For anyone who doubts Dominic Cooper's ability to lead a show, Preacher is a must-watch. Cooper is the total embodiment of Jesse Custer, down to the demeanor and look. Jesse is a very dynamic and interesting character, one who means well in the face of his work as a preacher but his dark past will not escape him. Starring in past films such as Mama Mia, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Need for Speed, and Warcraft, his most notable role remains his portrayal as Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger and subsequently, the TV series, Agent Carter. The quick-witted, playboy, scientist stole the show in every scene he was in which is a hard task when you are on screen with people like Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell. Cooper does an excellent job as the dark and brooding preacher struggling with internal and external evils while simultaneously trying to find God. I must add, the man has the best head of hair on TV and I can attest that it looks the same in person as I recently met him at a local comic con.

4. The Supporting Cast

Alongside Jesse Custer are two of the most entertaining characters including his wild, sharp-tongued, ex-girlfriend, Tulip O'Hare and a foul-mouthed, hard drinking, Irish man named Cassidy (who also happens to be a vampire).

Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun both become scene-stealers as their odd characters serve as comic relief with their wacky dialogue and perfect comedic timing. Each episode, viewers will get a little more insight into the sidekicks but there is no doubt they are headed in the direction with Jesse in some sort of misadventures. Many fans of the comic were also excited to see the on-screen portrayal of Eugene, a teenager nicknamed "Arseface" due to his disfigured appearance after shooting himself in the face in an attempted suicide.

Eugene, played by Ian Colletti, is a seemingly kind-hearted kid and a big believer of Jesse, regularly visiting Jesse for guidance on his search for forgiveness.

5. The Odd Town

Set in the small fictional town of quirky Annville, Texas, Jesse is on a constant struggle trying to attract people to his Sunday Services. The town and unique characters give off a True Blood-type vibe with the small setting full of unique characters. The town is full of secrets and as much as Jesse wants to ignore them, he takes it upon himself to take action to rid the town of evil. Some members are suspicious of his actions while rumors still fly about his past causing much tension. A few confrontations bring out the old Jesse, the one Tulip knows best and fell in love with and she knows that version is still in him, even if he keeps it hidden. But will his new found journey and struggles among the town bring his old self back?

6. The Mystery Behind The Power

Jesse Custer believes he is fulfilling a duty by serving as a preacher for his community and following in his father's footsteps. After doubting his effectiveness, he considers leaving the church until one night a powerful and mysterious entity inhabits him. That entity, also known as Genesis, gives him the power to control people. Jesse believes it to be a power from God but two angels, Fiore and DeBlanc, on a mission from Heaven, search out the power and try to explain the real truth of Genesis, more importantly, why they need it back.

Genesis is spawned by the love of an angel and a demon formed with pureness and evil. As the angels make it their mission to put Genesis back where they believe it belongs, Jesse decides he might not want to give up the power. As viewers learn more about the entity, they will be presented with one of the most exciting fight scenes in recent TV history. The slapstick comedy that surrounds the angel duo will make you beg for more. It works out because each time they get killed, they have the ability to come back through regeneration. The real question is what Jesse wants to do with his power as he himself is struggling with good versus evil which possibly makes him the ideal inhabitant.

The visual creativeness and vibrant characters makes Preacher truly one of a kind, a show you must see to fully understand. Describing it just doesn't do the show justice so do yourself a favor a jump on that bandwagon while it is still early!

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Catch new episodes of Preacher Sunday nights on AMC at 9pm!


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