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Justice League Rebirth #1 has finally come out, carrying on Rebirth's consistent quality, and alongside it we have new information about the series as a whole. To that end, writer of JL: Rebirth Bryan Hitch has sat down with an interview with in order to talk about his new series.

One of the main take-ways (there are a good few, link is as the bottom) is that the team behind this series has strong views on new ideas:

"You may see classic villains, but they won't be the villains of the piece because with them you kind of know what to expect because you've seen it before, and though those may play into the larger story themes and the story ideas, but springing new stuff on people is a lot more fun."

In case you either can't be bothered reading that, or it confused you slightly, I'll boil it down to the essentials. Essentially Mr. Hitch wants to only have newly created villains as the central antagonists of his stories.

This is a sentiment that I can fully get behind, as one of my biggest complaints about comics generally is that at some point roughly 20 years ago we all just decided that we'd have virtually no new characters, and that any ones that we do make have to be inherently tied into the legacy of someone else. Perhaps that's still going to be what we'll get with JL: Rebirth, but the attitude conveyed by Bryan Hitch is encouraging.



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