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Wynonna Earp took us all by surprise, and the surprisingly good supernatural-western really has it all — a maverick protagonist, plenty of gun-toting action, and just enough gore to thrill the audience. But this show also has a lot of heart, and a compelling story which was carried through perfectly to the end.

Unfortunately, the show suffers somewhat from low viewership, and it's still uncertain whether Wynonna Earp will be renewed for Season 2.

Wynonna and Waverly Earp [SyFy]
Wynonna and Waverly Earp [SyFy]

From the quality of the show alone, it seems obvious that Wynonna Earp deserves to be renewed — there aren't nearly enough female-driven shows that overflow with badassery, featuring a borderline alcoholic heroine and a diverse cast, and we've got to watch something before Jessica Jones returns to our screens.

But beyond the awesomeness of the show alone (and trust me, we could write tons of articles just on that), here's all the reasons why we desperately need a Season 2.

Who Is Waverly, Really?

Although the show is named after her big sister, Waverly Earp really stole the show in Season 1, constantly trying to prove she was just as worthy of being an Earp as Wynonna, and kicking some serious ass along the way. Which is why Bobo's revelation was such an emotional gut punch — because Waverly isn't really an Earp at all.

Waverly kinda marries a skull [SyFy].
Waverly kinda marries a skull [SyFy].

So who is she, and how did Bobo del Ray know about her parentage? It's too early to tell, but Waverly's heritage might have something to do with those weird final moments of the finale — was she possessed when she touched that black goop, or did it awaken in her some latent supernatural force? So many questions, and ones that can only be answered by Season 2.

What Is Xavier Dolls?

We all love Dolls, the stoic black-ops agent with a heart of gold... and a mysterious past. Season 1 teased Dolls being a junkie, as he frequently shot himself up with an odd blue substance. But this is Wynonna Earp, and of course nothing is as simple as a normal drug addiction.

Dolls is hiding something [SyFy].
Dolls is hiding something [SyFy].

We slowly caught on that Dolls wasn't just taking this drug for his health, but the health of others. There's some dangerous "monster" lurking inside him, which Doc Holliday inadvertently unleashed on Shorty's in the season finale.

It seems likely that whatever Dolls is, it has something to do with his military history. We're left wondering whether he's a supernatural creature himself (probably something animalistic, judging from his eyes), or whether he's been genetically enhanced through military testing. Whatever the case, Agent Locado holds the key to solving this mystery, and we can't wait to find out what her cryptic hints from the finale mean.

Wynonna's Chequered Past

When Wynonna sauntered into town in the first episode, it was clear that she didn't exactly have a perfect record. We know about her time in psychiatric care, her trips to juvie, and how she managed to piss off pretty much everyone in Purgatory.

Wynonna's not got the cleanest record [SyFy].
Wynonna's not got the cleanest record [SyFy].

Yet the details on Wynonna's misadventures are sketchy, and it appears she might have committed some kind of major felony, if Locado's warning is anything to go by:

"I know what you did."

Naturally, this is a perfect plot thread to be picked up in Season 2, as we learn more about Wynonna's past — and it'll probably all come out when she and Doc storm in guns blazing to save Dolls from his ominous fate at the the hands of Black Badge.

Nicole's Part Of The Team Now

Ok, so this isn't a plot hint, but we definitely need to see more of Purgatory's resident Officer Hot (sorry, Haught).

Nicole Haught and Xavier Dolls [SyFy]
Nicole Haught and Xavier Dolls [SyFy]

After she was strung along for episodes on end, forced to play catch up as she didn't know what was really going on, Nicole was finally made a member of the team in the finale, and about time, too.

Then of course there's her endearing relationship with Waverly, which seemed to mostly happen behind the scenes. The few scenes we did get with Waverly and Nicole were fantastic, as their romance slowly blossomed.

It's true that there was a lot of stuff going on in Season 1, so here's hoping that Waverly and Nicole get more of the spotlight in the prospective Season 2, as their relationship develops.

Purgatory Is A Sanctuary?

As Bobo and Willa put their plan into action, the last few episodes of Season 1 started to move away from Wynonna's mission to kill Revenants and towards a long-term plot arc. There was yet another cryptic hint, this time from the enigmatic Juan Carlo (he's an angel, I'm calling it now), as he told Wynonna that the Devil's Triangle is actually a sanctuary of sorts.

Which makes sense, if there's that giant snake thing to keep out. What even is that thing? Is there some kind of magical object hidden somewhere in the Devil's Triangle?

And then of course there's that giant cliffhanger, because the show simply can't end on (a potentially possessed) Waverly shooting her sort-of sister in the face. So for no other reason, we need a Season 2 to find out what happened next!

What would you like to see in Wynonna Earp Season 2?


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