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I don't need to tell anyone here how big of a fan I am of Arrow. I have watched every episode at least two times, some even more than that. I started following Stephen Amell on Facebook a little over a year ago, and I have to say that even if I wasn't a fan of Arrow, I'd still be a fan of him. I think you will be too, once you see how cool of a guy he is.

1. He Shares His Workouts, Which Are Motivational

Occasionally, Stephen posts his workout videos on his Facebook page, and that's when fans never hesitate to let him know how he motivates them. They have posted comments regarding their weight loss and how they attribute that to him. Now, there are even t-shirts that increase the motivation.

One fan even recently posted that he had lost seventy pounds since he started watching the series. This is attributable to Stephen's enviable body and how hard he works to maintain it. He doesn't have to stand next to you to encourage you, but watching him sweat and work his way to better muscles is definitely inspiring.

2. He Engages With His Fans

Stephen takes his fans along on his travels, this one to the UK where he shows us the fascinating sleep pods. He shares what he finds interesting, and to be honest, you can learn a lot from his posts. It's not all about the show or being an actor (even though that would be OK to some fans). It's just really cool glimpses into the life of a man who is content with his life and loves his family. (His daughter, Mavi, is adorable!)

3. He Shares Amazing Fan Art, Which Showcases Talented Artists

Every Friday during the season, Stephen asks for fans to post art. I've seen everything from cakes to drawings by 5-year-olds. And because of Stephen, I have discovered awesome, talented artists like Brian C. Roll from Odyssey Art, who created the above picture, and Jennifer Street whose artwork is below (I couldn't find Jennifer's separate art page, or I would have linked to it). So if you're into art and maybe looking for some cool images to adorn your walls, check out Stephen's Fan Art Fridays. Your odds of finding extremely gifted artists are very high!

4. He's Dedicated To Supporting Charitable Causes

His most recent campaign to fight cancer raised over one million dollars! But it doesn't stop there. On September 17th, Stephen will be appearing with other celebrities from Arrow and The Walking Dead to participate in a one-day event in Orlando. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to to support the families of the victims of the Orlando massacre.

This is a guy who is working to make this world a better place, who doesn't just use his celebrity status (well over five million Facebook fans) to brag about being a celebrity. Overall, he's one of the good guys, and countless fans agree. He's someone you'd like to hang out with simply because he's that cool and laid back.

There are so many more reasons I could list why you should follow Stephen on Facebook, but I'm stopping at four so you can go find out for yourself how one Facebook page can be so addictive. Stephen plays a superhero on TV, and to a lot of fans, he embodies what a hero really is!

Are you following Stephen Amell on Facebook?


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