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A hashtag called started trending on twitter recently that turns well-known movie titles into far more hilarious subjects. I decided to take things to the next level and re-work each synopsis to fit with its superior new title.

Our favorite movies are just a slight name change away from a whole new and exciting direction.

New Synopsis: After the collapse of nerds and geeks worldwide, an evil leader enslaves furries inside a fandom convention hall. When a purple fox guides the leaders's five furry concubines in a daring escape, she forges an alliance with Max Bearsky, a loner and former furry captive who has been stripped of his fursuit. Together, they try to outrun their fur-less captor and his sidekicks in a deadly chase towards the exit.

New Synopsis: A team of intergalactic parental advisory critics are forced to work together to stop inappropriate and unrated movies from spreading through the universe.

New Synopsis: A troubled urologist summons the courage to help a patient cope with his extra testicle and return to his home feeling more secure.

New Synopsis:
Follows the lives of eight very libido-driven individuals dealing with their lack of a sex life in various loosely interrelated tales of self-love, all set during the frantic month before Lent stops them from discovering themselves.

New Synopsis: In high school during his freshman year, Schindler gradually becomes concerned with his speech impediment after witnessing the persecution of other classmates by the school bullies for lesser issues.

New Synopsis: Two homeless men wake up after a night of talking around the barrel fire and cannot remember where they left their shopping cart.

New Synopsis:
Following the Normandy Landings, a group of US soldiers go behind enemy lines to shave a paratrooper whose brothers have been overcome by their beards.

New Synopsis: A British woman is determined to hide the fact that she has diarrhea when she realizes she has no toilet paper; a moment she immortalizes later in her personal diary.

New Synopsis: The much anticipated sequel to Requiem for a Dream. A young man is accidentally sent a bag of crack by his time-traveling friend, and must make sure his parents never find out about his new addiction in order to save his own existence.

New Synopsis: When three white-hatted acquaintances come across millions of dollars in dirty money they make a plan to keep their findings from their other Klansmen, but find the complications of self-loathing weaving its way into their plan.

New Synopsis: Four children travel to the royal land of Britain where they must battle an evil witch under the tutelage of a wanker named Alfie.

New Synopsis:
Two divorce attorneys battle it out in court, each wanting so badly to win that they play dirty. One night, they act out without thinking, forgetting that their children are married to each other, and they must pretend to the public that it was not a mistake.

New Synopsis:
Four friends are in great danger a year after they all sleep with the same stranger, whose existence they try to hide from their husbands.

New Synopsis:
A lady meets up with a tattoo artist while she has been drinking one night. He is obviously from the wrong side of town and convinces her to get a tattoo. When she sobers up she finds his handy-work on her lower back. Covering her new "tramp stamp" turns out to be a bad move, as no one can hide a tattoo forever.

New Synopsis: A member of an elite group of baby snatchers, Lara Croft is a "womb raider" who enjoys stealing babies from hospitals, nurseries, etc. worldwide, and doesn't mind going through angry mothers to get them.

Share some of your own ideas and give it a synopsis! Can you come up with some that are better than these?

(Thanks to the IMDB for the basic outline for each synopsis)


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