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We all love showing that we are fans of shows, movies, etc. in different ways. As true fans one of the ways that we show it is by eating it!

These creative cakes pay homage to fan favorite movies and shows like The Hunger Games, Supernatural and more — proving once and for all that great entertainment also means great food!

Lord of the Rings

First up is Lord of the Rings and they look good enough to call my precious! These amazing looking cakes are perfect for any hobbit, elf, dwarf, and human themed party. Whether its wedding or a birthday, you can't go wrong with these cakes!

Usually I wouldn't eat books but for this I will!
Usually I wouldn't eat books but for this I will!
The perfect Hobbit home!
The perfect Hobbit home!

Harry Potter

Are you wanting to have a magical celebration? These cakes will bring the magic to any party! Don't S.P.E.W. supporters no house elves were used in the making of these cakes! With all the little extra details put into these cakes it will be a dessert to remember.

Looks good enough to live in!
Looks good enough to live in!
Paying homage to the great food of Harry Potter.
Paying homage to the great food of Harry Potter.


There's something almost not natural, unnatural if you will, about how good these cakes look. The power they have to make me want to eat them is supernatural! Even Dean would switch from pie for these bad boys.

Star Wars

Need to bring the force to your party? These are the cakes you are looking for! May the force be with you on your special day.

The Hunger Games

When it comes to these cakes I would volunteer as tribute to try them first. They are as breathtaking as Katniss in her phenomenal outfits. These are cakes even the Capitol would have deemed worthy of having.

Game of Thrones

Such cakes are luxuries that lords and ladies would dine upon. Cersei would only have the best and she would have demanded cakes like these. If you wish to eat like the rulers of the Seven Kingdoms on your birthday, these beautiful pieces of food art are the way to go.

All these marvelous pieces of art would be a great addition to any fans party! There is no better day to celebrate the things you love than a day that is for you. I hope you enjoyed this sweet article!


Which cakes did you like the most?


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