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Edina and Patsy are back — and they're more fabulous than ever. Based on the incredibly successful British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous that ran sporadically from 1992 - 2012, Ab Fab: The Movie was understandably a highly anticipated event. Despite an enormous amount of hype for its big screen return, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie excelled in every way possible and is quite simply, just that — absolutely fabulous.

The film is due to be released this week in the US and if you haven't decided on going to see it yet, allow me to present you with five fabulous reasons why you most definitely should make that trip to the theater.

A Really Great Story

Jennifer Saunders really thought this one out. Absolutely Fabulous had been on and off the air for over two decades, so it's pretty safe to say that Saunders would have had to come up with something big in order to justify a big screen production. Well, the writer/actress excelled and delivered one of Edina and Patsy's greatest adventures yet.

Broke, Edina and Patsy are in desperate need of cash. When Patsy overhears that Kate Moss has left her PR company, she points her best friend Edina in Moss' direction. However, when things go horribly wrong, this fateful night leads to the biggest, most compelling and, quite frankly, one of the most hilarious adventures the two have ever been caught up in. On the run and in search of money, the two are desperate to finally "live the dream."

It's a tale of two friends who will stop at nothing to live life as they please — it would be moving, if it wasn't such a hilarious film.

The Whole Main Cast Returns

The cast of "Absolutely Fabulous."
The cast of "Absolutely Fabulous."

Unfortunately in today's world, many revivals take place without some of the original series' most beloved characters. However, thankfully this is not the case with Ab Fab as the entire main cast of the series returned for the big screen revival. Obviously, I love Jennifer Saunders as Edina and Joanna Lumley as Patsy. The two just have electric chemistry and bounce off each other so well. Saunders has once again written glorious dialogue for the pair of them, specifically Lumley who delivers some golden lines as Patsy.

But we also have Julia Sawalha reprising her role as Saffron perfectly — she may have matured but she still somehow looks like that unimpressed student from Season 1 of the TV Series. Jane Horrocks is as effortlessly brilliant as Bubble, who is as cheery as ever in the film. And of course, the incomparable June Whitfield returns as Mother and delivers a really great performance. Whitfield turned 90 during filming, yet she still performed the role as perfectly as she did 24 years ago.

Sliding family fun in "Absolutely Fabulous" series.
Sliding family fun in "Absolutely Fabulous" series.

So if you're a fan of the original series because of the amazing cast, well then Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie will fill your hearts with as much joy and laughter as each episode of the series did. The cast are as great now as they were during the pilot, and we love them even more for it!

The Humor

Absolutely hilarious: Patsy and Edina.
Absolutely hilarious: Patsy and Edina.

If you're looking for a good laugh this weekend, then Absolutely Fabulous is the film for you. Much like the series, the film had so many laugh out loud moments that the you couldn't go five minutes without hearing somebody laughing in the theater.

Once again, Jennifer Saunders did a remarkable job of creating incredibly funny situations for Patsy and Edina. Without the studio audience's laughing in the background, the gags could have gone wrong; they could have seemed less funny without the audience signaling us when to laugh. Thankfully, that was not the case here — Saunders once again outdid herself and made one heck of a funny feature-length episode with a very big budget. Patsy and Eddy have never been more fabulous and thus, they have never been more hilarious.

Celebrity Cameos

Kate Moss doing a photoshoot for "Ab Fab."
Kate Moss doing a photoshoot for "Ab Fab."

If you didn't know by now, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is rife with famous faces. They pop up all over the place. And unlike many films that overcrowd with celebrity cameos, it doesn't detract from the Ab Fab viewing experience at all. As Edina and Patsy constantly find themselves mixing with celebrities, the cameos fit in perfectly. From Kate Moss, Jon Hamm, LuLu, Gwendoline Christie, Emma Bunton and Jerry Hall all playing themselves to Rebel Wilson and Rylan Clarke-Neal playing a bunch of hilarious flight attendants, each celebrity appearance is worthwhile and adds the same fun element to the film that the series thrived on.

However, of all the famous faces, one in particular managed to steal the show, which brings me to the next point.

Chris Colfer

You're A Hashtag: Colfer as Christopher.
You're A Hashtag: Colfer as Christopher.

Without a doubt, one of the absolute highlights of the film was Chris Colfer's hilarious role as Edina's hairdresser/media consultant Christopher. In a sea of celebrity faces, it was Colfer who stood out as the best addition to the already great cast. Christopher was a pleasant addition to the Ab Fab family and perhaps the only celebrity role with substance (besides LuLu's role as herself). In fact, Christopher would be right at home in a sequel or follow-up BBC series.

Known to many for his beloved role as Kurt Hummel on Glee, the Golden Globe winning actor and New York Times bestselling author delivered a truly standout comedic performance. His one-liners were some of the best in the film and there is one scene in particular where he had the entire theater giggling without even opening his mouth.

Colfer may not have been in as much of the film as I would have liked, but he made sure to give us something to remember him by every time he appeared. Definitely my favorite celebrity face in the film.

Fabulous: Christopher was a highlight of "Ab Fab."
Fabulous: Christopher was a highlight of "Ab Fab."

So, if you're a fan of Absolutely Fabulous and are really excited to see the film, then I commend you, sweetie! You're going to have a fabulous experience, darling! It's an incredibly enjoyable film that will make you laugh over and over again. With the amazing writer, the incredible cast, famous faces and all round humor, Absolutely Fabulous is back and better than ever!

Check out the Absolutely Fabulous trailer below, sweetie darling:

Are you excited to see Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie? Let us know in the comments below!


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